Don’t Read This On a Full Stomach–Obama Spits In the Eye of France

November 13th, 2015–ISIS Kills and Wounds Approximately 500 Parisians

November 15th, 2015–Obama Frees 5 Gitmo Detainees

     While the French, and those of us who love freedom and respect our allies, were on our knees praying for the families of the slain and for the rapid recovery of the wounded, President Obama released 5 more Guantanamo prisoners within 48 hours of the vicious attack, thus spitting in the eyes of the French who were calling for unity to combat Islamic Terrorism.

Obama has now released more than half of the detainees at Gitmo since he took office.  This incorrigible act in the face of the attacks on France underscores this president’s disdain for the west, our values, and our safety.    You just wonder what Hollande and the French citizens, who rallied around the US after 9-11, felt on Sunday when they learned of Obama’s actions.  The MSM has been careful to bury this story so as not to shed light on this despicable act of cowardice and betrayal.

One of those who was released was Ali Ahmad Muhammad al-Razihi, better known as Bin Laden’s Bodyguard.  His release was made over the recommendation of the inter-agency Guantanamo Review Task Force.  This task force is not known for its tough stance favoring detention.  Of course all five of these upstanding terrorists will return to the United Arab Emirates and buy a goat farm and live peacefully for the rest of their lives.

May the French, and all of our allies, know that there are two realities in the US today;  Obama’s, and all the rest of our peace loving and supportive people.  We no longer recognize the US either.


Hat Tip: Fox News;


One thought on “Don’t Read This On a Full Stomach–Obama Spits In the Eye of France”

  1. Yep. What a great president we have. Maybe someday he will be reincarnated as a goat and live in Libya.

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