Reality, The Alternate (Extraterrestrial) Universe

Ever feel like you just woke up in a strange place, but your home, your car, your husband or wife, and your kids, seem as they should be?  Where there is a President who is speaking about subjects and policies that he thinks you agree with him on but you think his ideas fit the old Soviet Union or a third world power better than the United States. britain-launches-search-for-alien-life Where you hear the leaders of the Republican Party in the Senate and House speaking as though they are not in control of the legislative branch of government and there is nothing they can do to control the Federal Government?  (Duh, read Section 8 of the US Constitution.  The enumerated powers of Congress are vast and were meant to CONTROL an out of CONTROL executive.)   Where you hear a Chief Justice, appointed as a so called conservative, speaking like a European Socialist.  Welcome to the New United States of America and the New Alternate Universe!

You Might Be a Redneck Extraterrestrial If:

  • You find it kind of dumb when your president sends 50 troops to Syria to fight against 30,000 ISIS militants, the Syrian Army and the Russian Army? (Also, the latter two are being aided by the Iranian Army)
  • You find it unbelievable when your president refuses to call the Fort Hood massacre an act of terror and keep the survivors and the families of the fallen from receiving the benefits they deserve?
  • You find it implausible when your President allows a Pakistani doctor to be recruited to help us find Osama Bin Laden then abandon the Doctor in a Pakistani prison after we successfully kill Ben Laden and Obama takes all of the credit?
  • You find it nuts when your President agrees to give Iran billions of dollars to buy weapons to use against us and create a nuclear weapon but chastise Israeli police and military from defending themselves from Iranian Terrorist surrogates in Palestine.
  • You find it strange when your President will not arm the Kurds in Iraq, especially the Christian groups, against ISIS, because Turkey doesn’t like the Kurds.  Like, Turkey is such a good friend of the US?
  • You can’t close your mouth when you here your President chastise us for rushing to judge radical Islamic terrorists (my description, not Obama’s) who have killed over 120 and injured over 300 people in the Paris attack.  Then he claims that we are the intolerant ones!  Who killed who?
  • You find it incomprehensible when your President says that the use of ground troops does not make sense in the fight against ISIS.  As if the ISIS fighters are in the air!
  • You keep waiting in vain to hear the words “Islamic Extremist” come out of your President’s mouth when describing those who have been solely responsible for waging Jihad against the west and its allies for the past several decades.
  • You hear a democrat front runner for president stating that terrorism has been caused by global warming and no one on the debate stage refutes his idiotic claim.

The next few weeks in our little world may prove interesting.  Will the US shrink back from its responsibility to fight ISIS, a group that was born out of two administration’s failures in Iraq and Syria?  Will France and Europe wake up and stop Refugees from flooding their countries and allow easy infiltration by ISIS supporters hiding in the ranks of the refugees?  Will the US freeze its own Syrian Refugee program in light of a the attacks in Paris?  Will the Pope of the Catholic Church and leaders of other Christian Churches stand up against the slaughter of Christians all over the world?  Will the US people stand up and stop being intimidated by all of the PC rhetoric that has frozen our resolve.

We will see…





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