The “Caining” of Dr. Ben Carson-“Scholarship-gate”

Cain and CarsonFeel caught in a time warp when Herman Cain was attacked by the media to the point where he had to drop out of the 2012

Presidential Primary due to allegations of impropriety with a woman?  Ok for Bill Clinton but not for…

Oh Yea, a Conservative Black Candidate.  Where will this editorial lynching stop? 

You want to question his policy beliefs, fine.  But stop this MSM silliness!

Today Dr. Ben Carson is being slammed by CNN, Politico and others of the MSM for claiming that he had a “scholarship” to West Point.  While the military academies do not call their appointments for enrollment into the various academies scholarships, those appointments meet the very definition of the word, scholarship.

Merriman-Webster defines the word scholarship to mean:  “an amount of money that is given by a school, an organization, etc., to a student to help pay for the student’s education.”

In Wikipedia, (1) under United States service academies, the “benefit” or “scholarship” that is granted those accepted into our academies is as follows”

“All cadets and midshipmen receive taxable pay at a rate of 35% of O1 under 2 years of service (which can be used to pay for textbooks and uniforms), free room and board, and pay no tuition or fees, with the exception of USMMA who receive taxable pay at $1006.80 a month only during their required 300+ days at sea during their 4-year studies.”help pay for the student’s education” who is accepted into one of our academies.  These benefits or scholarship is the definition of a “Cadillac” Scholarship.

If Carson would have used the term “appointment”, the average person would not have fully understood the financial implications or worth of what was being offered.  The average person seeking assistance with college costs is familiar with the word “scholarship”.  As our dear Ex Secretary of State stated in front of the Benghazi committee, “What Difference Does It Make…?”  Appointment versus Scholarship.

Next the MSM will say that Carson took advantage of the poor MSM and turned their yellow journalism into green cash.  Oops!  He did.  The MSM helped him raise $3.5 Million this weekend! (2)  Thank you MSM.

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(1) Wikipedia:



One thought on “The “Caining” of Dr. Ben Carson-“Scholarship-gate””

  1. Good pun in your title! Re: the Caining…
    Tthe MSM is also highly upset and OFFENDED that they can’t find anybody who will admit that Dr. Carson tried to stab them when they were in jr high! Shocka!
    There are lots of reasons to oppose Carson (support of TPP, statehood for Puerto Rico???) no need to look for childhood non-skeletons. I think Carson is taking too much advice from RINO campaign advisors.
    It’s just standard anti-conservative MSM behavior, though. Remember when they dug up some of Romney’s Michigan high school friends? That was equally disgusting.
    I’m supporting Trump, so he can continue his training of the media. They are like dogs – it takes long and patient training in proper behavior.
    Trump 2016!

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