Trump, Fox, and the Future of the United States

logo-foxnewsThe rise of Donald Trump to the top of national and most statewide polls in recent weeks is sucking all of the oxygen out of the political atmosphere.  To compound the impact of this phenomena, Fox News in their initial Republican National Debate chose to lower their bar and ask Trump questions that were clearly designed to denigrate Trump as a loose canon, whacko or however the pundits would like to paint him.  They did not attempt to solicit responses that pertained to the plethora of issues facing this country and the world but rather asked about his bankruptcies, his prior comments about women such as Rosey O’Donnell and other personal issues.  At the end of the night, Trump came up in the polls and Fox’s Megyn Kelly came out looking like a person who wanted to smear a specific candidate.
This nation is in the throes of dealing with 7 years of a failed administration and nation Where race relations have been driven by the administration to a new low; where world wide the perception of the US has never been lower; where we are facing a terrorist threat from Islamist Extremists at home like never before; where for the first time, we are insuring that the Islamic Republic of Iran will become a nuclear power.  We need more from our candidates and certainly one of the few news outlets that attempts to be somewhat fair and balanced.
The Republican Establishment does not understand the Trump rise in the polls.  George Will and others ascribe it to a 25% fringe that will fade away soon.  WAKE UP ESTABLISHMENT.  This is the 3,000,000 republican voters who stayed away at the polls for the likes of Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.  They are tired of weak people with weak ideas and a lack of conviction running at the top of our ticket. This is the 25% who gave you back the House and the Senate and this is the 25% who can take it back.
This is not to say that Trump is the man or woman to back in the primaries or general election.  Trump needs to intersperse his vitriol with some sound policy discussions and explain why he was changed positions on so many key conservative issues.  He needs to show the conviction and character of a Ted Cruz, Carli Fiorina, and Dr. Ben Carson before he would deserve your vote in a primary or general election.  At this time, I am still skeptical that he is running merely to set up a third party run.  I hope I am wrong even though I truly believe that we do need a Conservative Party to emerge.  This needs to be done in a non presidential election year as it was in the 1850’s when the Republican Party was born.
We need passion in our politics to take back this country and combat all of the PC constraints out upon us by Progressives.  We need our candidates to reflect our beliefs, our commitment, and our passion, and not merely be running to maintain the status quo in Washington DC.



One thought on “Trump, Fox, and the Future of the United States”

  1. Nice post. My only addition would be that our candidate should be someone who knows how to get things done in government. Business is the exact opposite of government. In business you cannot force people to do or pay something. Bit difference. My choice for pres? Scott Walker. A Senator for VP – I prefer Sen. Mario Rubio, but also love Sen. Ted Cruz.

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