Why do African-Americans Vote to Defeat Themselves?

black on black violenceBlack Activist View:

Black activists are quick to whip up Black emotions over Trayvon Martin but totally ignore the inner city deaths of hundreds of other Black youths in cities like Chicago and Oakland.  Black activist are quick to attack any seemingly “white” opposition to Obama while not asking Obama why Black unemployment in all age groups exceeds every other major ethnic group?  Black activists are quick to back Public Sector Unions such as the teacher’s unions who in turn fight against innovation in education through the use of school vouchers, more charter schools, and making educators, administrators and teachers, responsible for TEACHING Black children.  Black activists were quick to back welfare and welfare rules that excluded fathers of color from being part of the family and promoted out-of-wedlock births by Black teenagers in order to secure a revenue stream via welfare before they turned 18.  Why do Black activist support immigration amnesty when the flood of illegal aliens only serves to take more jobs away from American Black workers?

  • The #1 question then is why do Black Voters continue to vote in leftist, mainly white, progressives who perpetuate the economic slavery and illiteracy in the Black Communities?  These are the same white progressives, the same Democrat Party, who fought against Lincoln and the Republican Party who were trying to end slavery.  These are the same white progressives who used to don white robes and wear pointed hats, burn crosses and persecute Blacks throughout the South. 

The Other View:

White Conservatives wholeheartedly embrace the following policies that would lift all minorities out of poverty and allow them to compete in today’s world.  The “Black Leadership”, Obama, Sharpton, and Jackson are diametrically opposed to these same policies…

  1. School Vouchers:  Voucher programs are designed to provide an alternative to our failed public education system and especially give those in the inner cities a way UP out of a life time sentence of literacy.  This is NOT a program for whites!  This is designed to give all who have been born into poverty, inner city drug cultures, and single or non-existent parents.
    1. Detroit:  2011 statistics from The National Institute for Literacy estimated that 47% of the adult population of Detroit was Illiterate.  Don’t let the teacher’s unions blame funding.  Detroit Spent over $15,000 per student in 2011 compared to a national average of $10,000.  So, by spending 50% more, the city generated an illiteracy rate of almost 50%!  YOU DESERVE BETTER.
    2. Chicago:  This once stellar city has also turned its back on the Black neighborhoods and school systems driving a literary rate of only 63 percent. This means that 37 percent of the population are not literate or cannot read/write. The nation has a literacy rate of 99.0 percent.  Now, Mayor Rahm just closed 100 schools in Chicago, guess where most of the schools were?  Black Children now have to walk further, through gang ridden streets, to try to get an education.  YOU DESERVE BETTER.
  2. Blind Allegiance to Teacher’s Unions:  The black leadership, including Obama, Sharpton and Jackson and others stand behind the failed Teacher’s Unions to protect their own political contributions and the African-American community stands by these leaders.  Here is the cycle.  “Black Leaders” support Teacher’s Unions;  Teacher’s Unions collect dues from teachers;  Teacher’s Unions give their Money to the “Black Leaders”!  Meanwhile you are denied access to School Vouchers because that would hurt the Teacher’s Unions and Your “Black Leadership”.
  3. Black Genocide:  The left, aided and abetted by Obama-Jackson-Sharpton (OJS) et al., promote wholesale abortion in the Black Communities.  Non-Hispanic Blacks make up 12% of the US population but account for 1/3 of the abortions in the US.  That is three times their population percentage.  This is certainly akin to Legal Black Genocide by the very persons who are self proclaimed “Leaders” of the Black Community.  This culture of death and lowered value for Black Life leads into the Black on Black Violence issues…
  4. Black Murder Rate:  The Trayvon Martin case was turned into a “White on Black” violence and an alleged showcase of how Whites are racist by Obama-Jackson-Sharpton (OJS) et al.  Facts of the shooting, the hyper vigilant drive by the State to bend over backward to prosecute Zimmerman, the eventual jury verdict did nothing to offset the racial views of the outcome of the trial.  All the while, WHITE CONSERVATIVES were clamoring for a much wider discussion, “Why are Black Children and Youth being slaughtered in American streets, especially Chicago!”  Even Van Jones, not exactly a lover of White Conservatives, said,”
    “Conservatives have weighed in; they said they are very concerned about the killings in Chicago and in other urban environments.”  Further he stated, ”

    “There may be a Jack Kemp silent majority of conservatives that are heartbroken about the killings.”  the OJS group is blaming Gun Control, White Racism, and even trying to stretch the “Stand Your Ground” Laws, supported by Obama before for Illinois, as the reason for Black Violence in Chicago and elsewhere.

    The truth is that there is Racism aimed at the Black Community.  Unfortunately it is by Liberal Politicians and the OJS group and their ilk.  Who benefits by keeping the Black Community down?  Not the White Conservatives.  Who gets the dollars from unions that protect failing school systems and teachers?  The Left and the Democrat Party.

    This year is the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech.  Maybe it is time we start living that dream…Remembering August 28, 1963

RD Pierini

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