Lindsay Graham-Punish Our Olympic Athletes for Russia’s Action

Minnie GrahamMinnie Mouse (Lindsay Graham, wife of Mickey Mouse, John McCain), displays his utter and unbound ignorance and disregard of Olympic athletics by calling for a boycott of of the 2014 Olympics to be held in Russia, in an effort to “punish” the Russians/Putin for harboring Edward Snowden.  What Minnie Graham does not take into account is that Olympic athletes work tirelessly, UNPAID, unlike US Senators, for years to make it to the Olympics.  Many, if they miss the 2014 Olympics will never have another chance to compete in the Olympics.  For those athletes, and their families who have supported their quest throughout their development, will be left unsated in their quest for Olympic fame.

Minnie Graham is in good company calling for boycotting of Olympics.  The last president to do so was Jimmy Carter who boycotted two Olympic events in 1980.  Maybe Minnie Graham could actually grow up and quit playing Miz RINO of 2013 and actually embrace conservative values and actually work on returning this nation to a rule of law!  Nah!  Too much work.  Better to pick on amateur athletes!.

RD Pierini

Hat Tip:  Newsmax:


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