RNC’s Priebus is Delusional–“Republican National Committee (RNC) had an excellent performance in the election campaign”

Michael Steele to Reince Priebus:  I won in 2010. You are blaming me for 2012?
Michael Steele to Reince Priebus: I won in 2010. You are blaming me for 2012?


      RNC Chairman Reince Priebus suffers from RINOitus This is a disease that attacks the memory center of the brain and the intestinal fortitude glands of Republican Insiders.  The symptoms are:

  • Similar to Alzheimer in that short-term memory fades quickly and the only election they remember is that of Dwight D. Eisenhower.  In severe cases, some even only remember the election of Abraham Lincoln.  Even those cannot seem to remember that the Republican Party actually stood against the Democrat Party to defeat slavery.
  • Blaming processors in the RNC for current campaign failures.  This is a similar failure of the intestinal fortitude glands that Democrats exhibit.  Priebus blamed Michael Steele for the loses in the 2012 election…  Really?  A year and a half was not enough time for Priebus to read enough Reagan books to learn what conservatism was really all about?
  • Blaming Conservative Values for all election loses when the Party does not even run on conservative values.
  • Blaming Conservatives in the Primaries for bringing up all of those “polarizing” issues such as abortion, gay marriage, the US Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, border security, national security, and fiscal conservatism that drove away just enough votes for the RINOs to lose again.
  • An intense fear of Barry Goldwater that causes a paranoia leading to the denial of Reagan Conservatism.  (Really is Goldwater Conservatism)
  • An intense drive to be accepted by the mainstream media.  Severe cases even try to woo those brilliant “news persons” who anchor shows on MSNBC or the “ladies” on The View. 
  • Blaming the messengers and the message for loses incurred by the Party rather than themselves for adopting the wrong message and shoving the wrong messengers down our conservative throats. 
  • Blaming ethnic differences for the loses incurred by the Party rather than the lack of family oriented social value positions that are supported by the majority of ethnic minorities.  Mr. Priebus, do you really think any Black or Hispanic person could relate to you?  I am Italian and I can’t relate to you.  You are not only white, you THINK WHITE!
  • Blaming Ron Paul Voters for not supporting Romney when the RNC excluded Paul from the campaign.  I doubt that 1% of the Paul supporters even voted this past election.  This disease keeps RINOitus victims from seeing the hypocrisy of the RINO message that “we will reach across the aisle and work with Democrats” when the reality is that RINOs can’t even reach out to the Paul Voters or the Santorum Voters and include them in their OWN PARTY’S CAMPAIGN!

     The only treatment for this incurable disease is for each of those afflicted with RINOitus to stand in front of a full length mirror, preferably naked, certainly alone if they are naked, and state out loud: 

“I helped to cause the loses in 2006, 2008, and 2012.

I acknowledge that the Tea Party and Conservative Values are solely responsible for the Republican domination of the 2010 election. 

I love the principles of Goldwater and Reagan and vow to support them forever more.”

     Oh sure, this will happen!  NOT! 

  • Priebus will meet in the smoke-filled back room with the guys with the big cigars and Ann Coulter and decide the losing strategies, messages and candidates for 2014 and 2016. 
  • The RNC will join in the mainstream media chorus against the Tea Party movement and Tea Party candidates for 2014 and nominate another milk toast candidate like Jeb Bush in 2016. 
  • Should the Democrats not figure out a way for Obama to run for a third term or if Obama doesn’t suspend the Constitution and just declare himself the winner of the 2016 election, and Jeb Bush gets in, we are in for a continuation of the status quo, just slower.   (You can substitute your favorite RINO for Jeb Bush)
    • JB will continue to bloat the Department of Education;
    • JB will grant immediate amnesty to all illegal aliens;

      JB will support Obamacare will continue but perhaps not morph into an absolute single payer system but close;

    • JB will not cut the budget by more than a half a trillion or so leaving a $600B plus or minus deficit each year;
    • WE THE PEOPLE will continue to slide down that slow but sure slope into a STATIST Socialist society. 

     Congratulations Republican Party, when the leader of the RNC basically stands up and says that the RNC had an excellent performance in the election campaign of 2012, considering HE, Reince Priebus, only had 1 ½ years to put the campaign together, then you have reached the end of the incubation period of RINOitus and gone into permanent RINO Denial!

RD Pierini

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