Why the “N” Word, N*gger, Is Only Spoken by Liberal Progressives and Racial Activist

Clint Tarver of Lansing, Michigan is the Latest Target of Liberal Progressive Racism (See Below)    

     Quinton Tarantino pulled Jamie Foxx’s strings and Foxx responded by using the “N” word 109 times in Tarantino’s new movie that I won’t promote here.  In Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown”, Tarantino inserted the word 38 times and Spike Lee was upset about that!  To make matters worse, Tarantino’s use of the word was deployed either as laugh lines or alliteration.  There is nothing funny about racial slurs no matter which group is the object of the slur.  The problem with this rank amateurish tactic is that it perpetuates the use of a word that is offensive to a segment of our population.  If these people stopped promoting the use of this word, this word, like many others, would fade and ultimately disappear from our vernacular.

     Since the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, our society has made a concerted effort to remove this word from our vernacular to the point that the use of this word is pretty much limited to movie makers like Tarantino, Rappers, Race political activists, Union Organizers and various community organizers who seem to want to perpetuate the use of this word in public discourse.  All of these purveyors of the “N” word are Liberal Progressives who seek to stifle frank, constructive discussions involving minority individuals or public policy on racial issues, or to keep racial tensions alive in order to perpetuate their perverted, self-serving prostitution of race relations. 

     The irony of this whole movement is that the Democrat Party was the party of Jim Crow Laws, radical racial discrimination, and the perpetuation of slavery, before they saw the light and realized they could use Race to promote themselves.  Ironically the Democrat Party in 1854, pushed by their hero, Stephen A. Douglas (famous for the Lincoln-Douglas debates), sought to insure that slavery be perpetuated by allowing slavery in new territories through the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854.  THE DEMOCRATS ACTUALLY HELPED TO CREATE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND ELECT ABRAHAM LINCOLN, A REPUBLICAN, WHO FINALLY ELIMINATED SLAVERY IN THE UNITED STATES THROUGH THE PASSAGE OF THE KANSAS-NEBRASKA ACT!

Liberal Progressive Use of the “N” Word and Their Violence:

Union Protest in Michigan

Michigan Union Thugs trash Hot Dog Cart!
Michigan Union Thugs trash Hot Dog Cart!

     Clint Tarver, a self-employed African-American, operates a Hot Dog Cart in Lansing, Michigan.  He was hired to provide catering for the Americans For Prosperity tent at the Michigan Capital where the Union Protests were underway protesting the new Right to Work law in Michigan.  When the union thugs saw that Clint was providing catering to the conservative group called him a N*gger and and Uncle Tom, then DESTROYED HIS CART!  Clint was not part of a counter union protest or overtly participating in any sort of counter protest.  He was just there to run his business and provide for his family.  (if you want to send Clint a cash donation to help him rebuild his business, go to http://www.gofundme.com/1o8toc#description

Where is Obama’s Outrage?

     At some point the American people need to stand up and say enough to the Liberal Progressives and stop supporting those who use the “N” Word to promote their own agenda to the detriment of creating a real race tolerant environment.  This starts at the top with Obama as he has done more in four years to tear down almost 50 years of progress of creating the color blind society envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Those that use the “N” word to promote their own race based self aggrandising platforms and who use the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. should be ostracized by everyone. 

RD Pierini

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