The Fiscal Cliff, Brought to You by Your Incompetent Leaders, the President, the House Members, and the Senate


This is Not Leadership
This is Not Leadership

     Ever wonder why nothing ever changes in our Government?  We, the People, continue to vote for people who the two political parties have ordained to be worthy to carry the moniker of democrat of republican on our ballots.  In truth, our vote is to a large degree predetermined by the party leaders and we faithfully march in on the first Tuesday of November every two years and elect either Presidents, Senators, or House members or all three depending on the cycle year.  Karl Marx once said that “Religion is the Opiate of the Masses”.  Using a dictionary, one definition will be “Opiates are anything that causes dullness or inaction or that soothes the feelings.”  You could apply our voting efforts to this phrase and state that “Voting is the Opiate of the Masses” meaning that the mere act of voting gives us some sense of control or satisfaction that we are making a difference.  But are we?

     Time and time again we go into Presidential Primaries supporting our favorite man or woman only to be told that our choice is not electable or is too far right or too far left by the inane media or our own party “leadership”!  Or, our choice will alienate this group or that group and we end up feeling that there must be something wrong with us for not being able to EVER pick the winner!  How many of you feel that way after the 2012 election?  I certainly do.

     Last night I was watching Rick Santorum on Greta on Fox and he is the only person since the election that has articulated Obama’s goals for the “fiscal cliff” in terms that actually made sense in light of Obama’s positions.   Greta was and is flabbergasted at Obama’s idiotic stance that a dollar in revenue has to come from a rate increase versus a removal of a deduction even if that same dollar came from the same poor slob being tax bashed!  Santorum calmly stated that Obama wants to go over the cliff so:

  • The sequestration cuts will automatically kick in and cut the military by a half a trillion dollars (Obama’s pet project) and other spending by a like amount, without Obama having to get his hands dirty and he can blame the Congress, ie Republicans.
  • The Bush Tax Cuts would expire for everyone and raise everyone’s taxes.  Obama knows that his proposed taxes on the rick is chump change and he needs to nail the middle class where the money is.  Obama can rake in big new tax dollars without Obama having to get his hands dirty and he can blame the Congress, ie Republicans.
  • The FICA 2% rate reduction that Obama took credit for last year will expire in January as well causing anyone working to get hit with higher FICA taxes on the paycheck.  He can eliminate this windfall for workers without Obama having to get his hands dirty and he can blame the Congress, ie Republicans.
  • Federally Subsidized Unemployment Insurance extensions will shrink back to the standard 40 weeks if nothing is done.  If the CBO is right, unemployment will go up to over 9% if the Fiscal Cliff is not fixed so this loss in benefits will occur at a time when some people may need it the most without Obama having to get his hands dirty and he can blame the Congress, ie Republicans.

      Santorum pointed out other consequences of Obama’s not doing anything but concluded by saying that this fit with Obama’s ideology.  It fits with the Socialist march to kill off Capitalism by squeezing every dime possible out of taxpayers, regardless of their economic standing, while weakening the nation defenses against the outside world.  The problems the socialist creates can only be fixed by the socialists so they take over more in more until they have total control over the economy and the people. 

     Yet during the primaries, Santorum was widely bashed by THE REPUBLICAN INSIDERS as being unelectable, too right-wing, out of touch with the mainstream, and could not possibly beat Obama.  Well the first step in defeating someone is to understand your opponent and what you are up against.  Clearly the Romney team was not about to pinning the term Socialist on Obama in any way, shape or form.  But, Santorum, would have and does do so to this day. 

     In the House, Boehner is purging conservative Tea Party members from committees and other leadership roles and rewarding the centrists RINOs with these posts.  This is on top of his and McConnell’s withholding of needed cash and party support during the last election of the candidate was conservative or Tea Party supported.  In short, the ideology between the RINOs and the Democrats moves ever closer together. 

     In the next election, if there is not an alternative party to the Republicans, I will not vote.  I will not send one dime to the Republican Party ever again.  My nose is sore from having to hold it in the voting booth.  By 2014, Obama and the RINOs will take us to the brink of a Fiscal Cliff who knows how many times.  By 2016 this economy will be stagnant if we are lucky. 

     The difference between the next depression and the 2008 depression is that in 2008, the depression was primarily caused by terrible governance by our Government over the private financial sector, mainly to do with mortgages.  The 2016 depression will be due to the lack of productivity and loss of production capacity compounded by increasing taxation and regulation.  Today are businesses are struggling but by 2016, if there are no systemic changes, they won’t be struggling they will be gone and the base from which to grow our way out of the depression will leave with these businesses.  You will still have parasitic unions trying to grab onto the last few dollars that may be left in some business but by and large the unions will complete their domination of the public sector as that sector will have nationalized many of the private sector key industries like energy and major manufacturing. 

     This is what Obama’s ideology is all about so don’t expect him to take any steps domestically or internationally to strengthen this nation.  Obama will not change his position as the status quo is exactly what he has spent the last 4 years setting up!  Do you thing the Sequestration Deal, kicking the Bush Tax cuts down the road to 1/1/2013, or delaying the implementation of 5 of the major Obamacare taxes off until 1/1/2013 were all an accident?  You would have to be as dumb as Boehner and McConnell to believe that.   

    I may not live long enough to see a new political party emerge that takes out the republican party and maybe even forces the democrat party to moderate.  But a new party will have to emerge in order for this country to peacefully transform itself back to its Constitutional Republic principles.  That party will have to be led by strong leaders such as Adams, Jefferson, Washington, and others of our Founding Fathers.  Its leadership and its candidates will have to have the strength of conviction to take on the left ideologues head on and not fight nice.  They will have to take on the media where it hurts and force wholesale boycotts against our perverted boycotts.  It will be a peaceful but not a nice war for independence.  Much of the battle will have to be fought by our younger generations.  I just hope we have instilled in them what we could be rather than settle for what we have become.

RD Pierini


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