Obama’s Socialism Vision for the US, Does Not Stop with your 401K!

From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. Karl Marx

Karl Marx:  a.k.a. Santa Claus for the Left
Karl Marx: a.k.a. Santa Claus for the Left

You cannot comprehend the ultimate goal of Socialism unless you understand what it is.  The definitions you will read will be similar to:

Socialism is an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy,and a political philosophy advocating such a system. “Social ownership” may refer to cooperative enterprises, common ownership, state ownership, or citizen ownership of equity.

Simple Definition:  The simpler definition of Socialism is the ownership of all personal and private property, whether previously owned by individuals or corporations, by the National STATE.  Ostensibly, the National State is the “People” so the “People”, as a GROUP and not as individuals, own all personal and private property.  In short, home ownership, investments, personal property, retirement funds, etc. are all owned by the State as well as all lands and productive capacity in the nation.

State Confiscation of Private Retirement Funds:   Recently, there was a huge national sucking sound which was caused by the collective taking of a deep breath by those in our society who are suffering under the illusion that we still live in a Free, Constitutional Republic.  The sound was in response to media stories talking of the State takeover of private pension funds in 401(k), 403(b), or 457(b) plans.  (California already has a law requiring employers who do not have a 401(k) to pay into a State Retirement Fund that the California Government will collect and “manage” for your employees! )  The Obama Socialists believe that your private retirement savings were obtained “on the backs of the poor” and that it is only right AND FAIR that you should pool your retirement and share with the poor who may or may not have been working at all.  The unemployment status of the poor is also your fault as you have selfishly tried to provide for you and your family and not for the good of all!  IRONICALLY, SINCE UNIONS ARE PART OF THE SOCIALIST STATE, THEIR RETIREMENTS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO CONFISCATION AS THEIR RETIREMENT FUNDS WERE GOTTEN IN ACCORDANCE WITH STATE OBJECTIVES AND NOT TAKEN FROM THE POOR.   

Economic Justification for Confiscating Your Retirement:  Many still do not realize that Fiscal Cliffs, Debt Ceilings, and all forms of Pending Doom and Gloom are the STATE’S way of manipulating you by scaring you to death and begging them for a solution.  They start by creating situations or programs that are sure to fail financially at some point, then ride in on their White Horses to save you from the PROBLEM THEY CREATED.  The STATE is so good at this that if a new program does not fail fast enough, they muck it up to make sure it fails quicker.  They have done this with Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, Food Stamps, the Post Office and on and on. 

     Today, you are being sold a bill of goods that the STATE has to act to avoid the Fiscal Cliff that YOU caused.  If the STATE does not fix the fiscal cliff, all will be lost forever!  (remember that they blamed you for your greed when the Depression of 2008 hit)  By the time they get finished, you will write them a check after you withdraw all of your retirement funds and close your account!  If you don’t, they will send Obama out to convince the 47% to rise up and demand that you start acting fair.  OF COURSE Congress will make sure you are FAIR as they nationalize your retirement accounts…

Socialism, the Nationalizing of all Private Property:  Socialism’s goal is the complete nationalizing of all private property, including personal property, real property, corporate holdings, natural resources, and all production facilities.  If you think this is something that is off in the far future let me assure you that the goal post is 2016!  So far, the STATE has nationalized:

  • Healthcare (Obamacare, single payer by 2016)
  •  Industry:  2/3 of the major US automakers
  • Banks:  The banking industry for all practical purposes with the chains of Dodd-Frank, Fed Policy, and other regulations.
  • Mortgage Industry:  The mortgage industry through the mortgage holdings of Fannie, Freddie, FHA etc.
  • Education
    • Charter and private education will be eliminated or diminished to a large degree
    • Higher education is controlled by the granting of withholding of grants and other research funding until the institutions hire the “right” professors and teach the “right” curriculum.
    • The student loan program is now totally under the control of the STATE with $1 Trillion in debts.
    • Our kids are being educated today to rebel against us, their parents and grandparents, in favor of Obama and his STATE!
  • Natural Resources:  EPA and Department of Interior literally control all natural resources on or through federal lands.  If they need more federal lands, they confiscate them.  They control all water, oil, natural gas, coal, and other sources of energy on federal and private lands.  Federal agencies are laying the groundwork for taking over all forms of energy production via regulation than confiscation.
  • Retirement:  Social Security provides by far the largest retirement vehicle for seniors.
  • Medicare:  Medicare provides health care for all seniors whether they want it or not!
  • Welfare:  The expansion of welfare programs is slowly making private charities irrelevant.

What is NEXT?:  Well, make a checklist of what private property there is left to confiscate.  Here is my shortlist:

  • Retirement Funds:  This will be low hanging fruit for the STATE to confiscate.  You will be allowed to go back to pre 2008 Depression levels, to value you portfolio.  Then the STATE will put it in a Lockbox for you like Social Security and you will get a whopping 3% return like Social Security.  Of course ultimately this fund will be in trouble and the STATE will throw it all under Social Security so everyone is treated FAIRLY.
  • Energy Production:  This is an easy industry to confiscate as the majority of the assets are controlled by few companies that the STATE has done an excellent job in demonizing over the years.  Do you think the 47%, the grubs in the “Occupy” crowd, or the Unions would bat an eye if the STATE moved to nationalize the energy industry.  Far fetched, it happened not that long ago in England!  How about a gas shortage with $9.00 gas?  Would that be enough for the STATE to waltz in and SAVE us from the evil oil companies.  YOU BET!  The energy industry, including those producing on private lands, will be administratively if not physically confiscated by 2016.  Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) will be outlawed in the next couple of years by the EPA.  The same global warming crowd are already working on this project with the help of Ben Affleck and the other HollyWhackos
  • Food Industry:  This is a piece of cake!  (no pun intended)  Michelle Obama has already starting beating this drum and indoctrinating our children and grandchildren on saving the earth by eating the crap she wants you to.  You probably can’t get your kids to touch Tofu but she will have them demanding it from you before it is over!  The food industry is “schizophrenically” “regulated” today by the FDA and the USDA.  They will continue to squeeze our smaller manufacturers until the industry is controlled by a few multi-national conglomerates.  These companies are easy to manipulate by governments.  The FDA, USDA, EPA, and other agencies will squeeze these companies of any profits they may have left until they get out of the US market leaving behind only they production facilities that will be taken over by the STATE so they can provide food to the masses rather the big bad capitalists who abandoned them.  AFTER ALL, PROFITS IN FOOD ARE THE WORSE FORM OF UNFAIRNESS AS EVERYONE HAS TO EAT!
  • Home Ownership:  Home ownership has taken a rapid nosedive since the Depression of 2008 and the assets are being held directly or indirectly by the STATE.  The STATE will use the same FAIRNESS tactics to strip private home ownership from the 53%.  After all, why should you live in a 2,500 square foot home when there are poor people crowed into STATE OWNED RAT INFESTED TENEMENT HOUSING!  This takeover will be a 2 step process.  The first is underway via foreclosures and restrictive mortgage lending.  The second will come under the “Wealth Confiscation” discussed later.
  • Investments:  The STATE will start by raising capital gains taxes to confiscatory levels where it will be impossible to amass any real gains through investments.  by 2016, if not sooner, Obama will seek to double then triple capital gains.  His current fiscal cliff proposal doubles the rate now!  Ultimately, there will no longer be any companies or ventures that are not STATE run so there will be no investment vehicles to invest in!
  • Small Business:  Ultimately small business will be squeezed to providing services to STATE controlled super-businesses at reimbursement rates set by the STATE.  Taxes will be confiscatory and competition against STATE competitors will force the small business out. 
  • Banking:  Ultimately retail banking will become an arm of the Federal Reserve.  We are almost there now in terms of regulatory control but this will be perfected by the STATE by 2016.
  • STATE Consolidation of Primary Functions:  As the means to seek private employment disappears, those who want to work will be employed by STATE agencies and companies.  Salaries will continue to diminish as the STATE’s inability to properly manage any type of production will increase its costs and labor is the only variable expense they will be able to reduce.  Those who don’t want to work, or those who have retired under Social Security, will get an EBT card that will provide for their subsistence.  Fuel will only be provided by STATE agencies.  Food will be available on through STATE sanctioned stores along with a STATE predetermined selection of products and quantities.  All healthcare facilities will be under the direct control of the STATE and services only provided as they deem necessary.  Education will only be provided by the STATE and the curriculum controlled by the STATE.  Housing will also be provided by the STATE according to your value to THEM!
  • Wealth Confiscation:  Wonder why Warren Buffet and Bill Gates don’t care if you raise tax rates on the rich?  They don’t have any taxable income nor do they need to buy anything.  They already have everything or their trusts pay for whatever they need.  BUT, ultimately this ridiculous argument today about taxing the rich, which will find this STATE for 8 whole days, will have to give way to wealth confiscation.  Why, the STATE will be in another crisis as it has killed off all of the producers and taxpayers and its running of the economy is totally feckless generating no real cash to feed the beast (STATE).  Then, old Warren may start singing another tune.  They will force he and his ilk to liquidate and fork over all of their holding for the good of the masses.  From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.  Old Karl Marx will raise his ugly head and demand those abilities from the remaining rich!  The total elimination of the 1%, as well as all private property, is the goal of Obama and the STATE SOCIALISTS.
  • Finally Loss of Freedom of Religion:  Obamacare and to some degree Gay marriage will provide the first real inroads to eroding our Freedom of Religion.  Obamacare is directly confronting religious beliefs on birth control, sterilization, and abortion.  Outright STATE funding of abortion is already a reality whether anyone cares to admit it or not.  Obamacare will be used to drive a wedge between the STATE and Churches.  Gay Marriage, ironically touted as an individual freedom issue, will be used to eliminate the freedom of Churches to refuse to marry those whom the churches believe are not living according to that Church’s teachings.  The STATE will force the Churches to marry gay couple or lose all tax privileges and not be allowed to apply for grants that provide funding for fighting slave trade, eliminating child and adult hunger and many other services that faith-based organizations do an excellent job administering versus their public agency counterparts.  If you think this is far-fetched, the Catholic Church is out of the adoption business as it was required to adopt to gay couples and is out of providing sex trade interdiction assistance as Obama has adopted an ABC policy which stands for Anybody But Catholics

     You say that this is far-fetched?  Well, this was the result in Russia, Germany, China and every other country or nation group that adopted socialism.  What you have witnessed over the past 50 years is the slow death of capitalism and the slow rise of socialism.  Progressives are patient but resolute.  They start by taking over education until they get our kids to think their way; they take over the media so they can use the media to reinforce their message; then they turn citizens against each other so they can control everyone while everyone is blaming each other and not the STATE; then they use both of these assets, education and the media to eliminate political opposition by literally creating, not a single party system, but a two-party system will very little differentiation.  Values of both parties become a mere shade of color difference with no real long-term difference.

     One sure way to see if Socialism is becoming the standard for a nation is to watch what is happening to Unions in that country.  Today, Unions have a choke hold over States, Counties, and Cities and are coddled and protected by democratic lawmakers and presidents.  You are seeing ridiculous strikes against the Port of Oakland and the Port of Los Angeles that is forcing ships to be off loaded in MEXICO.  Where is the outrage?  You are seeing SEIU trying to unionize Wal-Mart, McDonald’s and other companies who provide entry-level and higher jobs while providing solid value for its consumers.  All this will go away if SEIU get is way. 

     What happened in California when Jerry Brown got his Prop. 30 passed that increased taxes?  Brown wrote a big fat check to the State’s union pension fund and did nothing to reduce the State’s $35 billion debt! 

     What do you hear now out of the White House regarding the “fiscal cliff”?  Tax the rich.  That is a bait and switch so you are not looking at the tax burdens coming in Obamacare.  Their tax the rich propaganda will only raise enough money to fund the government for 8 DAYS!  Guess what middle class, they will be coming after you in 2013…   WH says we have to control the debt while it asks for unlimited power for Obama to raise the debt limit unilaterally!  If you are lowering the debt, why do you need to raise the debt limit?

     The only way to save this nation is to create a new party founded on our original Constitutional Republic values and fight this fight in the court of public opinion.  The current republican party is incapable of being “changed” from within as those in control like it the way it is.  It is those “Tea Party” types that are the problem!

Not too Late, Yet!

RD Pierini



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  2. But by taking “extraordinary measures” — such as suspending investments in federal retirement funds — Geithner might be able to buy enough time to keep borrowing below the legal limit until early 2013.

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