Obamacare Vs Christianity–Can Congress Provide A Sane Solution? (From Christianity In Vogue)

 Biggert Bill, HR 6597:  Too Limited and Does not Protect Objections by Organization’s: 

     Representative Judy Biggert, Republican from Illinois, has introduced a bill that has bi-partisan support from Barney Frank, (D-Mass) and Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), that would allow individuals who have a religious objection to the coverage provided by Obamacare to opt out for this coverage.  The only requirement would be that the individual file an affidavit that would state that their “sincerely held religious beliefs would cause them to object to the medical health care that would be covered under such coverage.”  This does not provide a vehicle for companies or Churches such as the Catholic Church from omitted coverage they deem to be in violation of their religious beliefs.

     This exemption will not do much as it is all or nothing for individuals.  The individuals do not have to be covered under Obamacare if they file the objection affidavit but once Obamacare is fully implemented, these individuals will not be able to have any coverage without violating their objection.  After reading the text, this is one of those bills that grab headlines but do not address the real issue.  The real issue is Freedom of Religion under the First Amendment that applies to individuals and organizations.  Actually it applies a strict prohibition against the government (Federal and State after the Supreme Court Decision, Gitlow v. New York,) from impeding the free exercise of religion.  Most religions have objections to abortions and some extend this objection to birth control and all forms of sterilization.  Obamacare and the HHS mandate clearly forces these organizations to provide “health care” coverage for products and practices that are clearly objected to by these religious institutions.

     It appears that Congress is unwilling to restore the Freedom of Religion under Obamacare and the Supreme Court will ultimately decide the fate of this issue.  It is a sad state of affairs when we delegate the key issues of this “Nation Under God” to 9 men and women on the supreme court, rather than have our 535 members of Congress and our President to stand for our rights under our Constitution…

RD Pierini


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