Repubican Party, Rest in Peace

Time to Start OverEinstein said:  Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

He also said:  The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

Martin Luther King Jr. said:  Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.


     Once again we are engaging in a finger-pointing war between the conservatives in the country, represented to a large degree by the Tea Party members, and the Republican Establishment who actually control the party and the MONEY.  Unfortunately, the conservative voices, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and others are still saying we have to change the Republican Party, ostensibly from within.  They try to point to Tea Party gains and the underlying conservative nature of the majority of people in this country as logical proof for the RINOs to see the light.  They try to say that on immigration, Republicans have never garnered more than 40% of the Hispanic vote, true statement but meaningless in this argument.  They try to point out that fiscal conservatism is the only path to true freedom, true but meaningless in this argument.  They assume anyone inside of the Republican Party CARES!

     The problem is that the Republican Establishment does not care about or share core conservative values!  They like the status quo as their backer’s financial fortunes are based on the status quo.  As long as Boehner and his ilk control the House he is a happy camper.  Big Mac McConnell can whine all day about the Tea Party costing him the control of the Senate but he is really happy to retain minority control.  If he was not happy in the role, WE WOULD HAVE HELPED SHARRON ANGLE IN 2010 DO DEFEAT HARRY REID.  WE DID NOTHING BUT BITCH AND MOAN THAT SHARRON WAS A FLAWED CANDIDATE.  AS IF HARRY REID IS NOT FLAWED!!!  HE IS AS FLAWED AS NANCY PELOSI’S I.Q.!!!  Beside Big Mac can just sit back and say woe is me I wish I had control and not have to do anything!  Many of the Republican Elites are “blue bloods” (Bush Family types who suck up to other blue bloods like the Kennedy’s who bash the Bush’s mercilessly) who merely want to bask in the sunlight of being leaders of the party, regardless of its leadership position.  If we, Republicans, lose, they sit back and say I told you those Bible thumping, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, tea party people are stopping us from winning.  Many are media mogul wannabees like Anne Coulter, Bill Kristol, and the like who sing the praises of pseudo-conservative candidates then also blame the same conservative crown for now.

     We are wasting valuable time that we could be using to build a new Conservative Party based on Tea Party principles.  I am sure the Ron Paul backers would come on board.  Libertarians and Conservatives have more in common with each other than with the RINO crowd.  I love Mark and Rush to death but we need to call in and start beating the drums for a true conservative party to be created.  Remember, in 1854, the Republican Party was started.  Within 18 Months, the new Republican Party controlled the House.  By 1860, we elected the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln…  If we would have started this when the RINOs nominated John McCain, we would still control the House using the same timing.  So what do we have to lose?  It is matter of belief in conservative principles.  Either you do or you don’t.  IF you don’t think the majority of Americans, no matter their ethnicity, are conservative in their own lives, you are listening to left-wing, and RINO polls…


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RD Pierini

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