Petraeus Testamony–Facts or Fiction–Petraeus’s Wife Works for Obama, $187,605/Year Salary!

Truth or Fiction?


     Everyone is speculating about what General Petraeus will say during tomorrow’s hearings, that will be behind closed doors in executive session that will be blocked from public view.  Admittedly, I have no idea what he will or won’t say, whether what he says will be the truth or fiction, or whether we will ever really know what happened on September 11th, 2012, in Benghazi.  But, here are a few observations that may damper your enthusiasm for believing that Petraeus will indict Obama, Panetta and/or Clinton.

  • Holly Petraeus now works for Obama in his new Dodd-Frank created department, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), for $187,605 per year plus pension and perks…
  • If General Petraeus’ affair did start while he was on active duty, he is subject to Court Martial under the UCMJ.  True this action is usually not taken unless other offenses have been proved.  But, this is a huge hammer over the General’s head while contemplating his testimony.
  • General Petraeus is also in line for both his military and CIA director pensions.  These could also be taken away from him if his testimony does not live up to Obama’s expectation.
  • If General Petraeus was in any way at fault for not providing backup support for two heroes that tried to save the Ambassador and did save at least 30 others, then his candor may be less than you would normally expect… In spite of how honorable all of his fellow Generals have been painting him.

     I guess that over the years I have learned to harbor low expectations of people when it comes to doing the right thing versus covering their own self interests.  They generally pick the latter option and sell out whoever they have to protect themselves or their own interests.  Remember, “I did not have Sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”! 

     We can hope against hope that Petraeus tells the whole truth regardless of the consequences.  Regardless, the mainstream media will circle to protect Obama and throw Petraeus under the train, forget the bus!  If the General goes against Obama, he will be crucified mercilessly.  If his testamony is truthful and complete, but does not indict Obama, will we accept it?

RD Pierini

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