Part 2: 2012 Election-Birth of the New Freedom Party-Goodbye to the Republican Party in 2014 and 2016

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One Way to Create the new Constitutional Freedom Party

    In the first article in this installment, we saw that it is not only possible to create a new party but to win mid-term and presidential elections in a relatively short period of time.  The original Republican Party was able to take over the House of Representatives in a few short months and win the presidency in less than 6 years!  The only thing in our way is US and US NOT DOING ANYTHING!


What are the elements of a new party?

  1. A core group of individuals committed to the creation of a new political party.
  2. The creation of the goals, objectives, and platform for the new platform.
  3. Sufficient funding and resources to initialize the new party.
  4. Execute the plan to initialize the new party.

Core Group of Individuals:

In order to create a core group of individuals to create the new party,

  • Seek committed people who have sufficient political experience to help guide the process;
  • Seek committed people who have solid constitutional knowledge to help form goals, objectives and platform for the new party;
  • Seek committed people who have the organizational skills to create a national organization;
  • Seek committed people who can raise capital to create the new party.

 Political Experience:  While our first inclination may be to seek out people like Marco Rubio, Michelle Bachman, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and other elected proven defenders of the constitution and freedom, we cannot jeopardize their short-term impact in their respective posts.  If these people are included in the overt process, they will be frozen out by the Republican Party via Boehner and McConnell.  We do have Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, leaders in the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, the Tea Party organizations and others.  We also have strong voices with legal expertise such as Mark Levin who would be invaluable to the core organizing group.

Constitutional Knowledge:  The core political group would be used to man the Constitutional guidance group.  Mark Levin, Heritage and others could provide the constitutional guidance to help in the formation of the party and the formation of the party’s goals, objectives, and platform.

Organization Skills:  This is a bit more tricky as you do not want to include traditional political operatives that are tied into the status quo.  You do need someone who can organize national corporate functions all the way down to grass-roots activities.  I would look to the corporate private sector for these skills so this group does not fall into the trap of looking at everything through traditional political eye shades.

Capital Raising Skills:  We have a good core group of people who have donated to our conservative candidates in the past such as Sheldon Adelson, the Coke Brothers, and many others.  I would seek out a private sector corporate person who has intimate knowledge of raising capital to seek out these individuals and fund the required start-up capital and ultimately the formation of the new party and its initial conventions.

Timeline and Milestones:

     Just how long will this take and when could we have our first convention?  Shorter than what you think.  Start out with the truism that “you will never finish before you start”!  So, the first step is to start NOW!

  • Month One:  Create initial core group and obtain start-up capital.  Form the organization.
  • Month Two-Three:  Expand the core group to include all need expertise, resources, and capital;  Create the core goals, objectives and platform; create the initial marketing plan.
  • Month Four:  Initiate the start-up marketing plan and saturate talk radio, the “alternate” media, and the traditional media.  (Be prepared for an onslaught of negativity from both parties and the mainstream media)
  • Month Five-Six:  Begin the grass-roots organization utilizing existing Tea Party networks and other independent grass-roots political organizations with compatible goals.  Set the date for the first convention to be the fall of 2013.  Create and fund State organizations to mirror the national new party organization
  • Month Seven through Twelve:  Continue on with the initial organization formation, capital raising, organization formation etc.  Meet with the existing Republican members of the House and Senate, Governors, and members of State Houses and Senates as quietly as possible and ascertain how many of these individuals will pledge to join the new party.  Their participation would be declared when they announce for the mid-term elections in 2014 should they be up for re-election.  Hold the first convention for the Constitutional Freedom Party in October of 2013.  That is only 12 months away!

Milestone One:  The first federal goal for 2014 would be to elect a majority within the current Republican caucus in both houses to force the Republicans to either caucus with the new Constitutional Freedom Party or the Democrats!  If the Republicans caucus with the new Constitutional Freedom Party, then we control the leadership and the committee assignments.   The first State goal would be to elect as many State Governors and Legislators as possible in 2014.  It may take more than two election cycles to create a legislative majority at the State’s level in current Republican held States.

Milestone Two:  Continue all efforts at the federal  and State level to increase control over the House, Senate and State Legislatures in 2016. Nominate our first President and Vice President in 2016.  We may split the vote with the republicans in 2016 which would make winning difficult.  But, if the democrats nominate Joe Biden, this may not be impossible! 

Milestone Three:  By 2020, have a governing majority in both houses of Congress and have a Constitutional Freedom President.  At this point we can start to “UNTRANSFORM” this nation back to founding Constitutional Principles.  We can re-establish freedom for all Americans and remove the Democrat and Republican shackles that have been placed on upward mobility for most Americans.

     I realize that this is a simple presentation of a complex process.  We have the people, the resources and most importantly, the heart to see this through.  We are patriotic Americans first and will defend this nation of the cancer that is now eating us from within.  Start calling into talk shows and start talking up a new Constitutional Freedom Party, or whatever name we ultimately pick.  Write letters to the editors that are positive and talk up the new party.  Talk to your like-minded friends and talk about the benefits of taking back our country. 

Otherwise, in the next election, you will be voting for Jeb Bush or a Rob Portman as the Republican nominee in 2016!

PS:  If anyone suggests that Ann Coulter be a part of this group I am out of here!

RD Pieini



One thought on “Part 2: 2012 Election-Birth of the New Freedom Party-Goodbye to the Republican Party in 2014 and 2016”

  1. What’s wrong with Jeb Bush? He is in a swing state we lost. Rob Portman is also in a swing state we lost. These other candidates are too polarizing. Think winning, not some grand pubah candidate. Even putting Nicki Haley up there would be a swing state candidate.

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