2012 Election-Birth of the New Freedom Party-Goodbye to the Republican Party in 2014 and 2016

Repost:  If we would have started in 2012, we would be well on our way…

Time to Create a New Constitutional Freedom Party (or something)

     If you are a Republican, a Libertarian, or a person who generally does not buy into the progressive agenda and the Obama-Nation, you have either listened to or watched all of the left and right pundits telling you why Romney lost or why Obama won, or you are too depressed to even turn on talk radio or watch the newscasts.  The real reason that Romney lost was that we, Republicans, a Libertarians, or persons who generally do not buy into the progressive agenda and the Obama-Nation, DID NOT VOTE!  Romney received almost 2 million fewer votes than McCain and no one who is center-right leaning was even slightly enthusiastic about McCain.  Palin probably contributed to McCain’s receiving the additional 2 million votes over those that Romney did not receive.  This election was in fact historic in terms of the continuing deterioration of this Nation’s economy as well as this Nation’s continuing decline as a world leader.  So what happened?


Lack of Difference between Obama and Romney-No Real Freedom Agenda:

     During the primaries, Conservatives/Tea Party Members/Libertarians, all focused on individual freedom and curtailed government in our lives, kept showing by their vote that Romney was not the “peoples” choice as he failed for months to capture over 30% of a State’s primary vote.  We kept pointing to his establishing RomneyCare, his squishy stances on true reform of the tax code, gay marriage, abortion, immigration etc.  Then, in selecting his VP, he picked Paul Ryan, who is truly one of the brightest people in the House of Representatives and eminently qualified to be a solid Secretary of the Treasury, but not someone who could bring in a broader demographic into our camp.  The majority of us were leaning more towards a Rubio who could help solidify our creds in the Hispanic community.  In short, Romney never convinced core Conservatives/Tea Party Members/Libertarians that he was one of them or represented their beliefs.  In spite of their disdain for Obama, they voted with their feet by staying home!

We Won’t Take It Anymore–Republican Party, Keep you Bob Doles, John McCains, and Mitt Romneys:

In 2008, I talked to countless Conservatives/Tea Party Members/Libertarians who said they would hold their nose and vote for McCain if for no other reason than to have Palin as VP and to defeat Obama.  In 2010, these same people were not discouraged with our defeat in 2008 but saw the Tea Party Movement as their salvation and our best chance to re-establish our Constitutional Republic.  In 2010, we crushed the Democrats in the House of Representatives by decisively taking back the House and made inroads into taking back the Senate.  If the Republican Party had stuck with Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell, we would have had a “Reedless” Senate and a much stronger Republican Senate.  (Republicans labeled O’Donnell as a kook for her “Witch” ad while saying not near as much about Anthony Weiner exposing his “…” on Twitter!)

We then saw RINOs complain about the “purists” in the Tea Party and blamed the Tea Parties, Evangelicals, Libertarians and other like-minded people from making the Republican Party a “Big Tent” party!  The RINOs in the Republican Establishment blamed the Tea Party for making Sharron Angle our candidate against Dirty Harry Reed in Nevada and the resulting victory by Reed!  Of course it was not the Republican Party’s lack of financial support for Angle nor any ground game support for Angle.  You would have thought that the defeat of Reed would be the #1 objective of the Republican Party!  The party stood by and let the Democrats slam Angle and Christine O’Donnell.  Obviously the Republican Party thought that Reed and the Socialist Chris Coons were preferable to our own conservative candidate!  In short,in 2010 and 2012, if the Tea Party candidate beat the Republican Party candidate in the Republican primary, the Tea Party Candidate was on their own in the general election.  SO WHY DO WE OWE ANY ALLEGIANCE WHATSOEVER TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY?

In 2012, many of those Conservatives/Tea Party Members/Libertarians said they would vote against Obama but not embrace Romney nor the RINO led Republican Party.  In the final analysis, we were obviously no longer going to hold our noses and lost 2 million votes being cast!    We were sick and tired of the Republican Party blaming Tea Party candidates, that were not given financial or election ground game support by the Republican Party, for the failure to retake the Senate.  In 2012, the Republican Party turned its back on Michelle Bachman, Allen West, Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Elizabeth Emkin and others.  Imagine, one of our Presidential candidates, Michelle Bachman, did not get any financial support for her defence of her Congressional seat because she is a strong Tea Party supporter.  The message is,



What is the Answer?:

Create a new “Constitutional Freedom Party”

After our defeat in 2008, we said that there was not enough time to create a new party and defeat Obama in 2012 so we acquiesced to the Republican Party and did our best in 2010.  Then in 2010, we actually tasted of some victory in the House and Senate only to see Boehner and McConnell bad mouth the Tea Party members of the House and Senate when those members to hold the line on the maintenance of freedom by reducing debt and stopping the deficit spending.  Many of these members were denied committee assignments as a “punishment” for be part of the Tea Party movement.

     The Republican Party sided with the left in criticizing the “radical right” Tea Parties and espousing a bigger tent agenda that is basically “Progressive-Lite”!  When 2012 rolled around, we saw the Republican insiders cram Romney down our throats in spite of Romney’s personal failure to convince more than 30% of the party electorate to vote for him throughout much of the primary season.  Ron Paul led the charge for the Libertarians and Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and Michelle Bachman led the charge for the Tea Party.  Whenever the left attacked these three candidates, the Republican Party sat back and did nothing.  When the left attacked Romney, the RINOs came to his defense immediately.  Afterall, the elimination of these three would mean their darling, Mitt Romney, would be nominated.  Ironically the left did not go after Romney too hard as they already had their presidential campaign set to run aginst Romney, the Rich, the Priveleged, the hard core capitalist who fired and even killed people, and the 1%!

  Well, Obama has been elected for 4 more years, Harry Reed is not only the Senate Majority Leader but picked up seats in the Senate in 2012!  IT IS TIME TO ACT TO CREATE A NEW CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM PARTY!  Do you really think that the Republican Party will allow the nomination of someone different from a Bush, a Romney, a McCain or a Dole?  Do you think that if a Tea Party candidate wins their nomination fight, that the Republican Party will support them financially or with their ground game?

Is it Possible to Create a New Party?

Let’s look back to see how the Republican Party was created in the first place.  Interestingly, the genesis of the Republican Party was born out of a DEMOCRAT, Senator Stephen A. Douglas, TRYING TO EXTEND SLAVERY TO NEW TERRITORIES BEING OPENED UP IN KANSAS AND NEBRASKA, as he crafted and led the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 that allowed the voters in those territories to decide whether to allow slavery or not.  Douglas did not want to have to take the side of slavery!  Douglas’s Act actually sparked a mini-civil war that would be the pre-cursor to the real civil war beginning 6 years later. Before this act, the Missouri Compromise of 1820 prohibited slavery to go beyond the existing states and terriroties that had slavery.  It was the Northern conservatives way of having slavery die out over time by not allowing it to spread to the west.

10,000 people met in Ripon, Wisconsin on June 6, 1854 which was the start of the Republican Party.  BY 1855, THIS NEW PARTY CONTROLLED THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES!  The new party convened it first national convention in less than two years in Pittsburgh on February 22, 1856The party held its first nominating convention in Philadelphia on June 17th, 1856, a mere 25 months following the signing of the Kansas-Nebraska Act that precipitated the formation of the new party to combat the extension of slavery!  This nominating convention announced to the nation and the world the birth of the Republican Party as a unified political force. 

The election of 1856, featured the Democrat Party’s James Buchanan, the new Republican Party’s John C. Fremont, and the North American Party’s Millard Fillmore.  The vote was amazingly close even given the split of the old Whig party into the new Republican Party and the new North American Party.  The final tally was Buchanan 1.8 million votes, Fremont 1.3 million votes, and Fillmore 873,000.  The Democrats would have been defeated of the other two parties had not split their vote.  It was the precursor to Lincoln’s Republican victory in 1860.  As they say, the rest is history.


  • Takeover of the House:  The new Republican Party took over the House within 17 months of its creation following the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska act of 1854.  Using this same timeline, our new Constitutional Freedom Party would have taken control over the House of Representatives, ousting Speaker Boehner, in the 2010 Election!
  • Takeover of the Presidency:  The new republican Party took over the Presidency in 1860, the second Presidential Election since the Party’s founding!  Using the same timeline, our new ConstitutionalFreedom Party would have taken the presidency by the 2016 election, if not the 2012 election, had we formed a new party following the 2008 election!
  • 2014 Midterms:  IF we start today, November 9th, to take back our country, our new Constitutional Freedom Party could theoretically regain control over the House and perhaps the Senate in the next mid-term election in 2014!
  • 2016 Presidential Election:  IF we start today, November 9th, to take back our country, our new Constitutional Freedom Party could theoretically take the presidency in 2016 running against Jeb Bush and Joe Biden.  Even if it isn’t 2016, 2020 is very doable!


Tomorrow, we will lay out the path to freedom for the new Constitutional Freedom party.  How to organize it, how to fund it, and how to pick its initiating committee!

RD Pierini


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