Why Would You Vote for Obama – Part 8 of 6

Why Would You Vote for Obama”

Part 8 of 6

(OK, we know that is more than 6 of 6 but we just could not stop!)

by:  Anonymous

American Voters –11/5/2012

This is the last in the series. The question is, if you plan to vote for President Obama,

why would you vote for a man for President of the United States who,

13.  Presented to the public, a 2,700 page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (health care bill) that he and most likely all of congress, had never read.·  The bill requires nearly all citizens to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty if they do not, while taking $712 Billion out of Medicare that has already been paid for by our seniors!

  • At an April White House news conference, in an attempt to bully the US Supreme Court, President Obama stated: “I’m confident the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress.”  The “strong majority” was a vote of 219 to 212. Basically, he lied again. 
  • Of course this was passed by the U. S. Supreme Court in June by a vote of 5-4 but the question remains, how will it be funded. And, when you consider the U. S. Postal Service is broke, Social Security and Medicare (and the millions lost on fraudulent claims) are broke we have to ask how will the government fund this trillion dollar Act that was to cost “about $900 billion” but has inflated to $1.6 trillion as of August 2012

14.  Bribed a U. S. Senator.

  • To gain holdout votes on the health care bill the White House, for all practical purposes, offered the Democratic Senator from Louisiana, Mary Landrieu, $100 million in federal aid to her state if she voted for the health bill. This was known as the Louisiana Purchase.  Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska also got $100M in perks in the “Cornhusker Kickback.”

 15.  Said that high school was a blur

  • In his book “Dreams From My Father,” President Obama said he “….used pot and booze and a little blow [cocaine] when you [he] could afford it.”

 Bottom line

 Barak Obama promised unemployment under 8%, half the deficit, Guantanamo closed, defeat of al-Qaida, transparency, a balanced budget, an immigration bill, an end to earmarks, all bills on the White House website for public comment, disclosure of the names of those attending White House meetings, shovel ready jobs. He’s failed at all of those except unemployment dropped to 7.8% last month but is now back up to 7.9%. Do we want him to keep trying?



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