Why Would You Vote for Obama – Part 7 of 6!

“Why Would You Vote for Obama”

Part 7 of 6


(OK, we know that is more than 6 of 6 but we just could not stop!)

by:  Anonymous

American Voters –11/3/2012


This is the 7th in the series. The question is, if you plan to vote for President Obama, why would you vote for a man for President of the United States who: 

1.  Abortion Stance as an Illinois State Senator;

    1. No Parental Notification for Minor’s Abortions:  In 1996 voted against a bill requiring parent notification of minors who seek to obtain an out of state abortion. Basically, he voted against parental notification which is the law now under Obamacare for any girl who has “reached her age.”
    2. Supported Partial Birth Abortion:  Twice voted against a law that would have banned late-term partial birth abortions in 1997.
    3. Live Born Aborted Babies Allowed to Die:  Also voted against requiring medical care for aborted babies who survive.

 A political cartoon was published that depicted Obama, an unborn child, and God. Obama is pointing to God, saying “You keep out of this.”

2.  Whose political party had to vote to put God back in their national platform.

  • The Democratic National Conference had deleted God from their platform and after heavy criticism, had to vote to put the word God back in. If you saw the convention coverage you saw the Mayor of San Antonito, TX ask for a verbal vote three times to get a declared consensus which was clearly not a consensus. He didn’t have much of a choice as the tally was already entered on the teleprompter. In other words, he could have skipped the vote as it was already decided.



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