Why Would You Vote for Obama – Part 3 of 6


Vote Smart #3

“Why Would You Vote…..”

Part 3

by:  Anonymous

American Voters –10/21/2012

This is the third in a series. If this is your first “Why Would You,” check out the contents of this Blog for all in the series.

Forward:  This document is long but may well be the most important piece of information you will read this year. It was developed by a group of individuals deeply concerned about the path the nation is headed, and everything here has been researched extensively. If you question anything here, please do the research yourself on the internet, newspapers, President Obama’s books, magazines, your senators, congressmen, Wikipedia, snopes.com, factcheck.org, or your family / neighbors, etc.  If you blow this off as just another anti-Obama rant, remember what was said here 4-5 years from now.

The question is, if you plan to vote for President Obama, why would you vote for a man for President of the United States who, 

8.     For twenty years went to a church whose minister advocated racism and “damned” America.

  • During the 2008 presidential race, Reverend Jeremiah Wright screamed, “America’s chickens… have come home ….to roost. It’s not God Bless America, no, no, no, it’s goddamn America.” 
  • This should need no explanation. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright was the President’s religious mentor for more than 20 years. In fact, he married the President and Michelle in his church. 
  • The Trinity United Church of Christ has proclaimed that God is not pleased with America’s economic mal-distribution and proclaims the idea of massive wealth re-distribution.  Again, this aligns with Obama’s socialistic ideology. 
  • If you read the church’s doctrine, you find it riddled with racism, and Wright’s sermons are often rants against whites, Jews and America. 
  • As you may recall, after the “Damn America” sermon became public during the campaign, president-hopeful Obama began distancing himself from Wright. 

9.     Wife shows contempt and arrogance to the citizens and taxpayers of this country.

  • The First Lady has taken numerous expensive vacations during the last 4 years in spite of the economic condition of millions of Americans.  She has used the taxpayer-funded aircraft, secret service, hotels, motorcades, etc. for her and her friend’s entertainment courtesy of the taxpayers.  She and the president have wasted thousands of dollars in fuel for things like flying to the same location just a short time apart. 
  • She sent her daughter to a foreign country for spring break—entailing hundreds of thousands of dollars in secret service coverage and needlessly endangering the other students. 
  • Her clothing is inappropriately over the top expensive:  i.e., hundreds of dollars for tennis shoes while visiting schools, a blouse that costs more than the ones the Queen of England and Kate Middleton wore to an official event. More than Mrs. Romney who pays for her clothing herself. 
  • She has arrogantly attacked the choices of American citizens by helping to create regulations on home-prepared school lunches. 
  • As you may recall, Michelle Obama made the statement during the 2008 campaign, “For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud to be an American.” 
  • In spite of her overwhelming display of compassion in her DNC speech, Michelle has so much disdain for the American Military that during a ceremony, as the Marines were folding the flag, she leaned over to President Obama and (with a disgusted look on her face) said, “All this for a damned flag.” The president nodded in the affirmative with an equally disdainful look on his face.  
  • All this is deeply disturbing. While she was enjoying free travel, one has to question, is (was) she not aware that millions of Americans are out of work and living on unemployment insurance & food stamps, while desperately looking for a  job?  
  • Was this the first time she had ever seen a flag folded?  And, apparently, she was not even proud to be an American when her husband was a U. S. Senator but once he was running for the highest office in the U. S., she became proud? 
  • Is this a first lady or a woman with an unlimited credit card? 

Thanks and please pass this on.


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