Gloria Allred-Donald Trump–PLEASE, JUST GO AWAY!

Gloria Allred Back at it again…  So is Donald Trump…

This Election is Serious… No Need to Send in the Clowns!

Both need to go away and let this Election Go on without either of these Ego Maniacs Sticking their Noses in the Spotlight

     The last thing this nation, and indeed the globe needs, is to have the infamous Gloria Allred or Donald Trump coming up with their own October Surprises in order to swing the election one way or the other.  Allred derailed the Meg Whitman’s gubernatorial bid with the outing of her illegal alien maid and then ran a despicable, racists campaign to kill the chances of Herman Cain to become the President of the US.  Donald Trump dabbled in the Birther issue against Obama without considering the consequences or lack of consequences that may unfold.  Allred is going to court in Boston to unseal Mitt Romney’s testimony in a family/probate court case.  Trump has not teased his announcement other than it is coming out this week.

Both of these Clowns need to get Cable TV and Go Away!

     This election will decide whether this great nation remain great;  This election will decide whether this great nation will be able to stand against tyranny around the world in defense of the weak and downtrodden;  This election will decide whether this great nation will fail due to the weight of its own debt;  This election will decide whether this nation will have a chance to return to its democratic roots or fall into the abyss of Marxist Socialism…

     IF you get a chance to comment on articles, write blogs, call into talk shows, or stand on the street corner and tell these two clowns to go away once and for all do it immediately.  Trump is for Romney and Allred is for Obama.  Great, they can vote for whomever they want but don’t let them suck need votes from this election…Your future and that of your family is at stake…

RD Pierini

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