Ryan – Biden Debate Surprise – Biden’s New Secret Weapon

     Thursday evening we will be treated to watching our Vice President, Joe Biden, debate candidate Paul Ryan, one on one in Kentucky.  There has been much ado about Biden’s prep for the debates and how brilliant of a debater Biden is given his 200 years feeding off of the public trough.  But, we have leaned that Biden has a surprise for us all.  He will don the traditional garb of the Taliban, the Burka, in order to show his international flare!

Biden’s Secret Weapon!  Is that really you Joe?

     It will be difficult to tell whether Biden is really the “man” under the veil or whether maybe Barak himself will don the traditional garb and stand in for old Joe!  Either way, Ryan may be at a disadvantage.  After all, you could hide a teleprompter, a 51″ flat screen, or even a debate coach inside of that Burka! 

     If this new apparel strategy works, it is said that Susan Rice may stand in for Obama in the next debate, under the veil of course.  After all, it was Rice who carried Obama’s water by lying to all of the major news outlets regarding the anti-Islamic Video being the cause of the attack on our Embassy in Libya rather than it being an actual terrorist attach! 

      Maybe Jay Carney will hide under both Obama’s and Biden’s Burka as he is well versed in obfuscatimg the Truth with batting an eye.  Not batting an eye under a Burka should be a no brainer for Carney!

Perhaps even Hillary Clinton could encase herself in the Burka and stand in for old Joe.  I am sure this would be a turn on for old Bill as it does not take much to light his fire!

    Regardless of who shows up Thursday Night, wearing whatever, in the flesh or in the stead of Joe Biden, it will be a contrast of old style political theatre by Biden contrasted by a new style issues presentation by Ryan.  Biden will try to use his charm while Ryan will call on his intellect and candor.  Many say that Biden’s foreign policy experience will give him an edge over Ryan.  I would agree that someone with 40 years of foreign policy experience should have the edge.  But in Biden’s case, he has never been on the right side of a foreign policy issue.  This will work to Ryan’s advantage, not Biden’s.

     Whether Biden dons the Burka or opts for a suit and tie, this debate will probably once again point to the pathetic nature of an out of step old politician who should have retired years ago and who was out on Obama’s ticket as he was the least threatening choice for Obama.  Afterall, Biden has proven that he cannot get even a small percentage of support from his own party for president… 

RD Pierini








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