Obama’s Ego and His Surprises for the Election–I Hope He is Ready for the Consequences!

     There are at least two events that Obama will trigger out of Ego before November 6th.  One will be the airing of his ultimate “Spiking of the Foodball” with the airing of the movie “Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden,” from Obama’s Hollywood hacks, the Weinstein Company.  The Weinstein Company is headed by its Chairman Harvey Weinstein who is a prominent fundraiser for the Obama campaign that has never missed an opportunity to dance on the grave of bin Laden, touting bin Laden’s death as his greatest foreign policy achievement all the while angering the Islamic world.  This movie will air on the National Geographic Channel on November 4th, two days prior to the election.  Coincidence?  probably not!

     The second event will probably be an air strike against supposed al Qaeda strongholds inside of Libya!  This will probably also take place just before the election to once again “Spike the football” and further inflame the Muslim world that is continuing to demonstrate against OBAMA!  Just how is he going to target al Qaeda in Libya when he does not know where they are!  He would have to attend his national security briefing to have any clue at all.  The sad part is that this insane tactic may gain him some political stripes at home but will most likely topple the very weak embryonic Libyan Government and further incite Islamic demonstrations and possibly attacks against American installations around the world.

     If you are a community organizer, the end, Obama’s re-election, justifies the means, throwing the death of bin Laden in the face of Islamist while attacking and Islamic Country.  This is a sad ending, hopefully, for a truly sad Presidency and one that will leave us vulnerable for years to come.  Congratulations Barak, you have created the perfect community organizer storm.

RD Pierini

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