Obama’s Failures for Today in Today’s Headlines

Obama the Great’s Weekend of Peace and Prosperity Around the Globe! 

How is that leading from behind working for us now?

  • US Military deaths in Afghanistan reach 2,000!  1,496 of these deaths on Obama’s Watch–His war for 4 years or 25% of the Time–He is responsible for 75% of the casualties!
  • Iraq-Car Bombs kill another 32–Thought Obama Declared Peace and Victory here!
  • Muslim Protestors torch Buddhist Temples–Thought Obama talked them into peaceful coexistence with other religions.
  • Al Shahab (al Qaeda) Attacked Christian Church in Nairobi killing at least two children–Thought Obama talked them into peaceful coexistence with other religions.
  • Islamic Extremist in Thailand killed 30 people with grenades to protest government’s discussion with Islamic leaders to moderate stances.–They apparently have not heard Obama speak.
  • Syria-Well 4 more died there.  Obama’s influence over Russia’s Putin is nothing short of incredible.  Incredibly lame!
  • Chinese hackers break in to White House military office network in charge of the president’s nuclear football!–Maybe the Chinese did not know Obama does not go to the security briefings anyway and he probably lost the nuclear football somewhere!  Obama obviously has scared the Chinese into submission…NOT!
  • Christians Flee for their lives in Egypt–The Arab Spring is wonderful, isn’t it!
  • Obama Moves to Give Egypt $450 Million in Aid–BRILLIANT!  They want to kill us and take away our religious and free speech so we send them money.  That should scare them!

I guess the war on terror is indeed over, too bad no one told the Radical Islamist!

I can’t take any more!  Remember to Vote in November!

RD Pierini


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