Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar Thinks WE Should Rethink OUR Freedom of Speech!!!

Clinton and Pakistan’s FM Khar

     FM Hina Rabani Khar said to Wuss Blitzer on CNN that if Our Freedom of speech provokes those in Arab and Islamic countries that “maybe we do need to rethink how much freedom is okay.”  US to MS. Khar, “HOW ABOUT WE STOP SENDING YOU AND THE OTHER RADICAL COUNTRIES IN THE ARAB AND ISLAMIC WORLD OUR MONEY? 

You folks in the Arab and Islamic countries need to look in the mirror.  You have virtually destroyed the once beautiful countries of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, etc. and now are hell-bent on destroying Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan (again), and who knows where else. 


     It seems, to quote you about your Prophet Mohammed;  “Prophet Muhammed’s life is a life of peace,” “He is called the messenger of peace, for instance. So this is very different from the Islam that is portrayed to you when you see that street violence.”  Oh really?  How about the violence in Syria.  There are no Americans there inciting violence through their “insensitivities”.  How about the “Arab Spring” that was merely a pretext for radical Islamist to infect their host countries with radical Sharia ideology ala Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda ideology?  How about the bombings in Iraq AFTER the US left instigated by the Shiia on Sunni or visa versa?  No insults there by the US? 

     Your “culture” seems to be one of destruction and death no matter where you are.  The majority of YOUR Arab League detests the idea that Iran will soon have nuclear capabilities, because you know they will use them on you after Israel, but yet you sit back and do nothing hoping that your arch enemies, the US or Israel, take care of the problem for you so you can maintain your power base and not tick off your own “peaceful” Islamic Citizenry!  Your condemnation of our freedom of speech and religion is a farce of the highest degree. 

     It is time for you to get in touch with “YOUR INNER CHILD” and grow up and take responsibility for your own idiotic, self-defeating actions.  Islam is the least tolerant religion on the face of this planet.  Sharia is the most degrading set of “Laws” ever for freedom loving people and especially Women!  Beheading is not part of religious tolerance. 

Go ahead and run to the United Nations. 

Burning Up Your Foreign Aid

We will run to the US Treasury and cut off your aid.  How about a picture of us burning your foreign aid check!


RD Pierini

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