US Raises White Flag in Tunisia and Sudan–WH Still Blames a Film vs the Killing of bin Laden as the Issue


Surrender before Honor

    The U.S. is pulling out its Embassy staffs in Tunisia and Sudan as apparently we cannot defend our own embassy in this countries.  This all the while our embassies are under siege or protest in 19 other countries around the world.  Obama has refused to recognize that his Muslim policies, what ever they were, were failing miserably around the globe and that he has succeeded in alienating 1.2 billion Muslims around the world.  At the very least they respected George W. Bush and would not have thought to overtly confront the U.S.. 

     Obama gives great speeches telling the Muslims how much we love and respect them, then assassinates Radical Muslims via Drones or Seals, who are actually terrorist leaders; but we can’t call them that any more; all the while the people he is killing are actually admired by these people.  Maybe a little mixed message?  At least Bush told them flat-out, if you are a terrorist we will hunt you down and kill or capture you.  Obama tells them he loves all Muslims then tracks them down and kills them…  No due process or no attempt to even capture them.  Obama tells them that the war on terror is over, then bombs them beyond DNA recognition.  See the pattern of deceit from their perspective?

The Real Provocation: 

Obama Spikes the Football-Ambassador Stevens Pays the Price

   Then, in spite of the signs being used during the protest of “Obama, we are all Osama”, Obama continues to try to spin this as a protest against a film that only 10 people have actually seen, and only its trailer was on the internet prior to the protests and the trailer was innocuous.  This is about Muslims hating the hypocrisy of the US foreign policy.  You can’t preach a brave new world of love and peace then take out the leader of Libya as if he declared war on the US.  You can’t storm bin Laden’s house, either shoot him from the outside or open a door to his room and shoot him, then campaign back come on the slogan, “Ask Osama bin Laden if he’s better off now than he was four years ago,”  “…tonight … Osama bin Laden is at the bottom of the ocean”.  The youths in Egypt, who make $2.00 per day, who have been indoctrinated since birth that the US is the enemy, see this kind of school yard behavior at one of our national political conventions, it just reinforces all of their biases.  to be honest, the behavior at the convention made me sick to my stomach as my reaction was how may of our troops will pay the price for this childish behavior by the Left?  Today we know that our embassy staff in Libya and our troops in Afghanistan are paying the ultimate price for this debacle. 

Israel Warns the US: 

Netanyahu: “See Barry, the Muslims in the Middle East really don’t like you!”

     Our staunchest ally in the Middle East, at least before Obama, Israel has been warning Obama for months that the Arab Spring was not some frat party for democracy but was an all out effort to radicalize the Muslim world.  Israel 1, Obama 0!  One small, but telling sign, that once moderate Muslim countries were becoming hard-line idealogues, is the fact that Tunisia has replaced all of its female ambassadors with men!  5 for 5 is not a coincidence!  Obama and his bunch thought this wholesale recall of female ambassadors was merely normal rotation and not a matter of GENDER DISCRIMINATION. 

     Good grief, Obama studied Islam, doesn’t he know this is not gender discrimination but the insertion of a male dominated culture?  This is not a Political Correctness issue, this is an issue of the Radicals taking over all Islamic Countries.  Carter only lost Iran and see where we are today because of that moronic policy.  Just multiply Iran by 10 or 20, then arm them with nuclear weapons!  Scared yet?


For heaven’s sake people, we elected the first Black President (actually 1/6th black).  Now you can get over the fact that we proved we are not racists in spite of the Left’s rhetoric.  Now it is time to elect someone who is competent to lead this country and the Western World and start leading from IN FRONT!

RD Pierini

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