Parallel Universes: Obama and His Media – – Islam and Mohammad

     Misguided religious fervor is probably one of the most dangerous phenomena known to man since the beginning of time. 

The quest to spread YOUR TRUTH to unbelievers can be one of the most powerful human emotions, especially when that quest is politically inspired and abetted. 

Religious Ferver can be to an Ideology, or a true Religious Belief…

The Prophet Obama and His Media: 

     Obama's Followers-The MediaThe US Media’s overwhelming fervor and committment to jointly protect Obama, regardless of the facts, is indeed kin to a religious oligarchy.  The media’s committment to the re-election of Obama is a professional virus that has infected almost every major media outlet in the US, and to some degree, the globe.  Some of the media who are unequivocably  supporting Obama have witnessed their own following and fortunes diminished by this fervor but disregard the impacts due to their blind following of their false prophet.  This blind following that is costing them respect and in some cases loss of treasure, is not unlike the Islamic Suicide Bombers who relegate their own lives to that of their ideals.  For sure the media has been “purchased” over the past 100 years by well to do Progressives that seek to install their utopian/statist ideals in America and replace our Constitutional Republic with a Progressive agenda based socialist regime. 

     Since the failure of the Democrat party in 1964 to support the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Progressives have totally infiltrated the Democrat party and have usurped the Civil Rights causes as a means to its end, the complete and utter takeover and degradation of America.  Their false prophet Obama prophesied that he will “…fundamentally transform America…”  And, he is working on it with the total blind support of his sycophants in the media.

     The creation of a Progressive media was accomplished over time and one of the primary tools used in this process was higher education.  Journalism schools and prestigious Ivy League Universities were infiltrated with Progressive Professors who indoctrinated would be journalist with Progressive Ideology.  I am absolutely certain that these journalist have no clue that they have lost the ability to objectively analyze a set of facts using their innate logic over their indoctrination.  Those who are not 100% converted, dominate the RINO media and espouse a philosophy of “compassionate conservatism” which means allowing a Progressive Takeover, but just at a slower pace.  These people, who I lump into my own category of “Rinocracy“, are easy to spot.  They have a badge on their blazer that says I am a conservative while criticizing someone like Mitt Romney for criticizing Obama during a time of international crisis even when Obama is completely feckless!

The Prophet Mohammad and His Followers:

     Islam was created and codified by their Prophet Mohammad and the followers of Islam are in fact the followers of Mohammad as their sacred religious icon.  Islam is not only a religious belief and institution but is actually intended to be and control the “State” of the followers of Mohammad.  The ultimate goal on earth would be a single, Iran like, Islamist “Republic” where all of the followers would be part of one Islamic Nation.  The two primary religious sects of Islam, the Sunnis and the Shiites, differ in several respects with one another but have a common belief in the Quran as the writings of the prophet Mohammad. 

     Make no mistake, their Islamic religion can be the overriding, and most important part of their life and their life’s goals.  Some Muslims that have migrated out of their home countries have tempered their fervor to some degree but there is a fine line between their allegiance to their adopted country and their religion.  The latter usually trumps the former in the final analysis.  The blind following of Islam by well off, educated American-Islamist like Anwar al-Awlaki are examples of that line that is sometimes crossed to the extreme. 

     The blind following of Islam is no better described than by the existence of suicide bombers.  The will to live is the single most powerful human drive there is, unless it isn’t.  Suicide Bombers and those who undertake sure-to-fail missions have supplanted their will to live with a committment to Islam and their Prophet Mohammad. 

Parallel Universes:

     When one looks at the blind allegiance of the US Media to Obama, and the allegiance of Islamist to their Prophet Mohammad, there is a parallel religious fervor attached to both.  If Obama is attacked, or even does something utterly stupid on his own, the media is there to lift him back up on his throne and defends him to the bitter end without question.  When someone who is politically motivated tells the Islamic Masses that someone or some country has defamed their Prophet Mohammad, the masses rise up in violent protest regardless of the facts.  Groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, Hamas and others can easily rile the Islamic masses and have them blindly follow their rhetoric or propaganda or call to arms.  The American Press attempts to do the same for Obama and call his followers to action by a simple byline or a lead story on the nightly news.  Each day they all receive their talking points and religiously spew them back out in unison in support of their false prophet, Obama.  We have literally witnessed the death of the “Fourth Estate” in our lifetime.

Parallel Universes On a Collision Course:

     The ultimate irony of these two parallel universes is that they ultimately cannot exist together.  The progressives are pro gay, pro abortion, and in general anti religion and secular oriented.  Islam has very strong beliefs against gay relationships, abortions and secular activities of almost any kind.  The Islamist abhor Hollywood and its vile secular films and television shows.  The irony is that the followers of Islam and the followers of Christianity have more beliefs in common than do the Islamist and the Progressives.  I seriously doubt that CNN’s Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper, both self-professed gay, would go to Iran and interview Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as Iran hangs gays.  I doubt that Ang Lee would have gone to Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or any other Islamic country and promoted Brokeback Mountain. 


     I guess the strong parallels between the blind allegiance of our press for Obama and the allegiance of the followers of Islam to Mohammad are just too striking to ignore, except by our press.  Committment, fervor, fire in the belly, are all good things if properly channeled.  When these attributes are at odds with basic human dignity, respect for human life, and respect for each other, then they become dangerous and will lead to a bad outcome…

RD Pierini

PS:  Thanks to cousin Kathy for her observations and bringing this comparison to my attention!



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