Am I Nuts? French Paparazzi Shooting Kate Topless; US Embassy Guards Not on Heightened Alert; Our Afghan Troops Ordered to Defensive Posture Only!

    Kate Middleton’s privacy was invaded at what is even a new low for paparazzi as they took pictures of her topless while the royal couple was vacationing.  Obviously the picture was taken in a non public venue and one that the couple felt that they had privacy.  But a French rag decided to publish it anyway.  Isn’t there any decency left in this world.  We all know the royal couple are anatomically intact.  We do not wish to see any of the details in print or on the internet.  Kate and William are trying to use their status for good around the world and those efforts, like those of William’s mother, should be respected and they should be respected as people as well.

     Then we learn that our Embassys’ Marines were not on high alert on September 11th and that our Consulate in Libya was being guarded by Libyan nationals!  This is tantamount to lining up our brave men and women in the diplomatic corps up and shooting them!  They have no way to defend themselves, the embassy or the Ambassador on OUR SOVEREIGN SOIL.   I’ll bet the Secret Service protecting Obama is carrying live ammo and we have not outsourced the Secret Service detail to Yemen!

     Then, we learn that our troops in Afghanistan cannot take any action whatsoever unless they have proof that an enemy combatant is truly an enemy combatant with intent to harm.  Really?  Did Obama ever read Sun Tsu’s the “Art of War”?  Doubt it.  Saul Alinsky would not approve!  This is tantamount to lining our brave men and women up and shooting them!  They have no way to defend themselves unless the enemy combatant shoots at them first and they can verify that the combatant actually fired the round…  Then, they have to “Mirandize” anyone they take into custody so the combatant can get the advice of a lawyer before answering any questions.  I wonder if Obama has the Drones he uses issue a loudspeaker announcement prior to firing the Drone’s Rockets like, “You have the right to remain silent, anything we see you do will not be used against you as you will be blown to pieces momentarily.  Would you like to speak to an attorney?  Oh, we don’t have time”.  BOOM!

     I guess at a time when the entire Middle East and North Africa is on fire in defiance of the Western World, nothing should strike us as odd.  The US is leading from behind which is like trying to push a wet noodle through a keyhole!  We have role models like Kate and William who are being hounded so our world media can tear them down to “our” level.  We are “fighting” wars with both hands of our troops tied behind their backs.  All the while the world “leaders” live in luxury; suck up every dollar and Euro than can get their paws on; our rights and freedoms erode further and further every day; and we are told that our Religion is irrelevant but we must do what ever the Islamist demand we do. 

     I am a bit tired of not being able to have a role model for our kids to look up to.  Our kids grow up a cynical as someone on death row who was wrongfully convicted.  They do not know who to look up to or what is right or wrong.   I am tired of our troops being asked to fight wars with idiotic rules of engagement;  I am tired of our troops being killed by Afghans that they just trained;  I am tired of our idiotic world media acting like they have a clue; I am tired of being led by feckless leaders who could not run a lemonade stand but will right a 300 page regulation as to why the lemonade stand cannot stay in business.

     This is our world and what it is or becomes is up to us.  Are we going to “political correctness” heaven or are we going to stand for freedom from tyranny from our own leaders and those in this world who seek to dominate us.  Stand with Kate and William as they held their head high in spite of the idiotic printing of her photos;  stand with the US and allied military men and women as they try to defend our freedom and make the world a better place in spite of the moronic dictates of their leadership.  Time is not on our side.  You know what is right, act on it!

RD Pierini

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