Obama/State Dept Had 48 Hour Warning of Embassy Attacks In Libya and Egypt–HE Did NOTHING!

Obama Slept with the Knowledge of an Impending Attacks on Two of our Embassies. 

Obama did NOT Bother to Warn the Embassies…    

Obama Sleeps While al Qaeda attacks!

     Ineptitude is not even a strong enough word to describe Obama and the State Department’s inaction on warning that our embassies would be attacked in Libya and Egypt.  Worse yet, someone had to have leaked the return of Ambassador Stevens to Libya as his visit to Benghazi was meant to be confidential.  Further, someone leaked the location of the safe house!  Add to this, Obama and Clinton failed to even provide Marines for security for Stevens, his staff, the consulate or the safe house. 

The Fallout!

     The result is that our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, his information office Sean Smith, and two Marines are dead and at least 4 others injured.  Further, extremely sensitive documents detailing the names of Libyans who are working with the US in Libya.  We may as well have painted a target on their back as al Qaeda can now target these individuals. 

Obama’s Responses:

     So far Obama has blamed the attacks on a non-descript anti Muslim movie rather than his pompous “spiking of the ball” over his single-handed killing of bin Laden.  Obama has chastised Romney for “weighing in” on an international foreign policy incident.  Really!  I really do not believe for one second that Romney would not have warned our Embassies if he had any inkling of a possibility of an attack.  Obama and Clinton have both apologized almost evey time they speak for the movie that we have apparently learned had NOTHING to do with the actual attack provocation. 

The Real Reason for the Attack!:

      Now we learn that the attack was in revenge for the killing in a drone strike in Pakistan of Mohammed Hassan Qaeda, an al-Qaeda operative who was from Libya, and timed for the anniversary of the 11 September attacks!  Couple this with the chants of the crowds yelling, “Obama, we are all Osama”, adds some credence to the probability that Obama’s parading Osama’s death as his major accomplishment during the Democratic Convention and almost daily in his campaign speeches is a contributing factor to the attacks.  Maybe Obama should think about the Muslim sensitivities to our killing of one of their folk heroes!  Maybe we should prosecute the defense of this country, including the take down of bin Laden, but do so with dignity as all prior presidents have done.  Mr. “I” and President “ME” just can’t stand not grandstanding for the limelight.  Obama is truly a sad individual who unfortunately now occupies the highest office in the free world.  Maybe that is why the “Free World” is less free after 3.5 years under Obama!

Our Media is Complicit:

     The details of this abject ineptitude was carefully hidden by our media to the point they tried to give Obama cover by blaming Romney for being insensitive to an ongoing international incident.  If it were not for the British liberal news outlet, the Independent, we may not have learned of this lack of competence by our administration. 

 A Learning Moment:   

     Maybe the families of the fallen can join forces with the Brian Terry family as they are both the victims of failed policies by Obama.  This incident points to Obama’s lack of experience, lack of even a basic work ethic that would compel him to attend all possible security briefings, lack of committment to protecting this country and its assets, lack of even a basic empathy for the lives of our Embassy staffs, our military, and our standing in the world.  We had been lucky to this point not to have had a catastrophic incident such as these before now under Obama.  It was just a matter of time before some of us were sacrificed to Obama’s incompetence.  It has now happened. 

This cannot stand…  Obama must be defeated Soundly in November…

RD Pierini

Hat Tip:  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/politics/revealed-inside-story-of-us-envoys-assassination-8135797.html




2 thoughts on “Obama/State Dept Had 48 Hour Warning of Embassy Attacks In Libya and Egypt–HE Did NOTHING!”

  1. September 11th is still very sensitive to this country and I can not believe American diplomatic centers and offices weren’t on high alert especially with all high political temperature over there as well as here, this story smells funny.

    Who in the room would KNOW that there was a report, and KNOW that there was a warning sent (and this would require multiple whom’s, as well.

    Since the story sources (senior diplomatic sourcES)? who are these sources, and who was on the other end of the warning, no ones seems to be around to confirm or deny the story.

    1. The diplomatic offices were not on high alert on 9/11 and this is well sourced through international news agencies. Couple this with the FACT that the Libyan consulate was being secured by Libyan Guards, not the normal contignecy of US Marines. Further, even our Marines in Egypt were not carrying live ammo.

      The State Department is made up of two distinct groups. One, political appointees who are in and out depending on who is the President. Two, career diplomats and economic experts who devote themselves to the betterment of relations with the US and their assigned country. Stevens is in this category. What ticks off this group is when one of their own is hung out to dry and put in harms way. This is where the details are coming from as the entire career diplomatic corps feels exposed and not protected. They obviously would not come forward unless it was under the shield of secrecy.

      You can believe them or not but there is no defense coming from anyone as to how the attackers knew the location of the safe house, how they knew these documents would be in our consulate office in BENGHAZI rather than Tripoli which is the site of our Embassy, and why we would have outsourced the protection of our consultate office in a country that is unstable and still hosts a stronghold for al Qaeda in Eastern Libya.

      I lived almost 10 years in the Middle East in Egypt, Tunisia, and spent time in Iran, Iraq, and Saudia Arabia. The most feared group is the Muslim Brotherhood who is the front organization for all Islamic Militants including al Qaeda. Ayman al-Zawahiri was an insider into one of their splinter groups in Egypt who is widely held as being responsible for the death of Anwar Sadat who would turn over in his grave today if he saw what Egypt has become. Ayman al-Zawahiri is now the head of al Qaeda… The MB are now overtly in charge of Egypt and have tentacles world wide…

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