Calif Republican Elizabeth Emken vs Her Majesty DiFi (Dianne Feinstein)


Elizabeth Emkin, Republican Candidate for the US Senate


 You probably have two questions on your mind right now.

  • Who is Elizabeth Emken?
  • Is it possible to defeat Dianne Feinstein in California for the US Senate?

The short answer to #2 is “Maybe” and “Hopefully” but let’s take a look at who Elizabeth Emken really is. 

Elizabeth Emkin, the Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate:  (Opposing DiFi)

     Elizabeth is a conservative from Danville, California, married to Craig Emken, and they have three children, two girls and one son.  She graduated from UCLA in 1984 with dual degrees in Economics and Political Science.  Her studies included courses at Cambridge University where she studied political and economic issues in China and the Middle East.  She is PRIVATE SECTOR FOCUSED spending years at IBM in management, financial analysis, and corporate operations, specializing in cost cutting analysis and implementation performing efficiency and cost benefit analysis on business units and practices.

     As the mother of an autistic child, she became active in Autism Speaks serving as Vice President for Government Relations at Autism Speaks.  Her responsibility was to be the advocate to the federal government on behalf of those with autism and their families.  According to her official biography in her website;  “Elizabeth coordinated advocacy for multiple pieces of federal legislation addressing autism, the Advancement in Pediatric Autism Research Act, the lead title of the Children’s Health Act of 2000, and the Combating Autism Act of 2006 which authorized nearly $1 billion over 5 years to combat autism through research, screening, early detection and early intervention.”  Her efforts in working with the health insurance industry and State governments has led to 30 states to include autism related care in their coverage.  She was even able to enact such legislation in California on October 9, 2011.  She also works with the Department of Defense in supporting military families with autistic children.

     Between her private sector and Autism Speaks experience, Elizabeth is uniquely qualified to not only be a U.S. Senator, but to provide strong leadership in the Senate for getting control of our out of control Federal government.  She is the antithesis of Dianne Feinstein as she will focus on improving our government through efficiencies versus just spending more of our money ala DiFi! 

Can Elizabeth Beat DiFi?  Maybe!

    The CBRT Pepperdine poll has DiFi up by only 12.3%.  Who would have ever guessed that anyone would be that close to DiFi in CALIFORNIA! 

The real number is the “Unsure“.  With all of the Liberals in California, I can’t imaging that 20% would be unsure but if half of those stay home and we get the other half to vote for Elizabeth, we are in the hunt!  Then, couple this with the “Right Track / Wrong Track” poll, you get an amazing 73.1% of the Californians saying California is on the Wrong Track!

Elizabeth is fighting not only an entrenched Liberal Democrat in the entrenched Liberal State of California, but she is also fighting against the National and California Republican Party.  Have you heard her name yet?  Have you heard Mitch McConnell or John Boehner come out and support her on TV?  Go to the California Republican Website and see her picture prominently displayed.  Whoops!  She is not there.  But you can see the link to a book fair on September 22nd!  PATHETIC.

Watch Elizabeth on Stuart Varney on Fox Business:

If Elizabeth has a chance, it is only with you and what you can do personally to help her beat DiFi.  The best news is that there is no news about Elizabeth yet.  Carly Fiorina running against Babs Boxer gained a lot of national notoriety.  This race is so far off of the radar I’ll be you can’t find 2 of your friends that even heard of Elizabeth Emken!  We can use that to build a grass-roots campaign against DiFi and chew up some of that 12% deficit we need to overcome.  All it will take is for all of us to start talking about Elizabeth and get 3 of our friends to commit to vote for her! 

DiFi is so confident that she REFUSED to even debate Elizabeth.  Even that liberal rag the LA Times chastised DiFi for refusing to even answer a question as to why she would not debate Emkin.  If we can make enough noise and get some national attention on Elizabeth, maybe she can slide in. 


  1. Liberals assume that Obama is going to win so there will not be a lot of interest in them voting.
  2. Conservatives need to defeat Propositions, 30, 34, 36,38 and 39 in order to keep this State from falling further into the abyss.

     Add voting to get rid of DiFi and get Elizabeth Emkin in one of our two US Senate seats is the icing on the cake.  Nothing is impossible if we try and work at it.  Take a chance, get out of your recliner, turn off the Giants game, and call, text, or email two friends and get them to commit to vote and to vote for Elizabeth in November.  Many will stay home this election as they do not feel that they can make any difference in the Presidential campaign.  That may be true but there are other fish to fry and hopefully the swing states will break hard for Romney so Obama is inconsequential…  Elizabeth is not!

Also, get the Republican Congressman (rare breed) in your district to endorse Elizabeth!

RD Pierini

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