Egyptians Burn American Flag-the US Embassy Apologizes and Chastises the US-Obama Shuns Israel!

Egyptians Storm our Embassy in Cairo on September 11th, 2012, and we are supposed to believe this is about a non-identified movie that supposedly insults Mohammad!  And we are to believe this is a coincidence on 9/11?  How about this is to remind the US that the Radical Islamist are in charge and have no respect for our day of mourning. 

The Coupe De Gras today was Obama’s refusal to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss our joint response to Iran’s continued development of a nuclear weapon that would most likely be aimed at Israel first.  Obama’s told Netanyahu that his schedule was FULL!  This is the same President who has spent 600 hours playing golf but only had 412 hours to spend with his economic council to try to create jobs, His #1 Priority according to him!

     Obama’s brave new world is unrecognizable to any American who is proud of our country and believes in OUR values, and our support for our allies, especially Israel.  Today we allowed a bunch of Egyptian protestors to storm our sovereign US Embassy in Cairo and tear down and burn our flag.  This was clearly an act of aggression against a sovereign nation, us, and the same nation that gives Egypt over $1.2 Billion in aid every single year.  The mob was protesting a movie that is allegedly being filmed in the US that allegedly insults the Prophet Mohammad!  They could not even name the movie!  And who really cares if this movie is being made by a whacko fringe group or who believes that the left-wing Hollywood crowd would defame the one religion they like, the anti-Christian Muslim Religion. 

     Our brave US Ambassador issued a GENERAL condemnation of OUR religious intolerance.  Our moronic Embassy send out this statement: 

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims”

     How about condemning the breach of our sovereign state and the burning of the American Flag!  Idiots!  And Obama and these diplomatic jerks are actually in charge of this country and our foreign policy.  Mr. President, while someone may think that making an Anti-Islamic movie is a good idea, or that a major US political party voting to remove God from their party platform is a good idea, we have a Constitution here that guarantees every American Citizen the right to free speech and freedom of religion.  If a bunch of hoods in Egypt, or Iran, or Iraq, or wherever do not like it what we say or do within our Constitutional bounds, too bad.  Where is the outcry when they burn our Bible?  Where is the outcry when they execute Christians for being Christians?  Where is the outcry when they burn our flag. 

How about we burn the $1.2 Billion check we send these anarchist every year.  They seem to like fire, lets join in the fun!

     Returning to Israel, Obama turning our collective backs on our only democratic ally in the Middle East is a disgrace to our nation, our heritage, and our standing in the world.  Obama is truly taking America down the path of mediocrity as a world power in deference to a bunch of radicals who will ultimately take down Western Civilization if unchecked.  Make no mistake, Iran and the Islamist Regime will have no problem in using nuclear weapons against Israel, against Europe, and against the United states of America.  Obama sees a nuclear Iran as a check to Israel and the US’s ability to control the Middle East.  Couple this with his war on US domestic energy production and you have the perfect storm for our “comeuppance”!

     I don’t know about you but I am not apologizing to a bunch of ignorant thugs in the streets of Cairo; or in our Embassy; or in our Government for being American.  I am tired of ignoring the needs of our friends around the world while our “leader” bows to every tin horn dictator around the globe.  I am tired of the Jewish community in this country voting for liberals who spit on Israel every chance they get.  Wake UP or your home country will disappear in ways even Hitler could not have imagined. 

We are just about out of time…

RD Pierini

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