Dem Platform–Eliminated God & Israel–Added Abortion, Fed Gay Marriage, Kill Free Speech

Do you believe that:

  1. “God” should be removed from the fabric of our nation, as in “In God we Trust”?
  2. American should disregard Israel’s right to establish their capital in their historical city of Jerusalem?
  3. Abortions should be paid for by taxpayers?
  4. Gay Marriage should be a Federal Mandate versus a State’s right issue?

Or, do you belief that:

  1. America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and that all of our rights are God-given.
  2. America unequivocably supports Israel an supports her right to establish her capital in the city of Jerusalem..
  3. Abortion disregards the rights of the unborn and no taxpayer money should be used to support abortions.
  4. States have the right to determine whether it will support same-sex marriage.

If you support the first set of beliefs, you are a Democrat.

If you support the second set of beliefs, you are a Republican.

If I would have read the 2012 Democrat platform in 1960, I would have not supported President Kennedy and would have changed parties in 1960, and not in 1964 after becoming disgusted with Democrats for NOT supporting the Civil Rights Act of 1964!

RD Pierini


6 thoughts on “Dem Platform–Eliminated God & Israel–Added Abortion, Fed Gay Marriage, Kill Free Speech”

  1. Pretty much in line with the marxist anarchy which the Dems have in mind for overthrowing the USA. This party is so far left that anymore left they would fall into the Atlantic Ocean. Let’s hope they keep moving even more left and they will make themselves totally irrelvant.

    1. Roughly 60% of the R’s and only 40% of the D’s supported the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The Jim Crow laws and the other anti civil rights legislation pre 1964 were all Democrat actions, including the “good ole” KKK!

  2. “Do you believe that:”

    1. Yes.

    2. Israel should and can take care of itself.

    3. As a part of comprehensive health care, you betcha.

    4. Definitely.

    But then, most democrats don’t agree with the first one.

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