Bill Clinton, Now Carrying Obama’s Bags!

     When Bill Clinton tried to convince Ted Kennedy during the 2008 election, Clinton told Kennedy regarding Obama that “A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.”  Now, on Wednesday evening, Bill Clinton will be carrying Obama’s political bags by addressing the Democrat Convention in support, (maybe) of Obama and his “accomplishments”! 

     Why would anyone with an ounce of self-respect call on someone like Bill Clinton, who made remarks like these, to speak at their re-election convention?  Why would someone, like Bill Clinton, who was called a racist by the Obama Campaign in 2008, even bother to show up at the re-election convention of Obama who called him a racist?  It says a lot about both of these individuals and the shallowness of their personal principles.  Both are narcissists who will do anything to get into the limelight, one-up the other, and generally pander to anyone who would vote for them or listen to them speak!  Neither holds any principled positions that would even come close to trumping their own ego!

     If you are a democrat, you have to wonder what makes these two guys tick.  Clinton, a disbarred attorney, an impeached President, an accused rapist, and an indicted liar, is being called on to salvage Obama’s failed Presidency!  What does that tell you about Obama?  War on Women?  Clinton is a walking war on women.  No single individual has done more to harm the inroads made by women in combatting sexual harassment.  Obama is so far out of his league as President he thinks that he can talk his way out of a failed Presidency.  He thinks he has not talked enough yet!  Really?  The more he talked about Obamacare the lower the polls in support of Obamacare.

     This paring merely reminds us that some politicians have no scruples, principles nor shame when it comes to their own ego and their position on the world stage.  It is all about them and the “people” be damned.  It is a shame that both of these men even held the office of the President of the United States.  We deserve better but will deserve what we get if we continue to vote buffoons such as these as our leaders.

RD Pierini




2 thoughts on “Bill Clinton, Now Carrying Obama’s Bags!”

  1. Is that desperation or what having Bill Clinton be your keynote speaker endorse your performance for another four years of treachery and fraud. That’s like throwing out the baby instead of the bath water. These two titanic egomaniacs deserve each other, after all it’s all about them. They both have so much in common, they are habitual liars, blame everyone, have utter disregard for the US Constitution and make a mockery of those who express any moral convictions.

  2. Ironic that Clinton gets credit for good economic times but according to O the credit should go to the previous 4 year term. If blame is acceptable then so is credit!

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