2012 California Initiatives/Propositions–Voting Recommendations


Recommendation Title Subject Description and Comments
NO Prop 30 Taxes-C.A. Governor Jerry Brown’s Tax Increase

  • Raises both Sales Tax and Income Taxes and Hands Brown another $9 Billion to waste…  This is backed by Every California Public Sector Union so they can grab the Cash as soon as this is passed…  Not NO, but HELL NO!
YES Prop 31 State budget- C.A./Law Two-Year Budget Cycle

  • Allows the legislature to pass 2 year budgets rather than annual budgets.
  • Legislature cannot spend more than $ 25M without corresponding spending cuts or tax increases.
  • Allows the Governor to CUT spending unilaterally in the case of a fiscal crisis.  (Don’t hold your breath with Brown!)
  • All bills must be posted for the public 3 days before the vote is taken.
  • Allows counties to alter state statutes or regulations related to spending.  Subject to veto by the legislature.
  • Opposed by Public Sector Unions!


YES Prop 32 Labor-C.A. Ban on corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates

  • Probably will be deemed to be Unconstitutional based on Freedom of Speech arguments*…
  • Bans both corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates*.
  • Bans contributions by government contractors to the politicians who control contracts awarded to them*
  • Bans automatic deductions by corporations, unions, and government of employees’ wages to be used for politics–YEA!
  • Opposed by every Public Sector Labor Union in California.
YES Prop 33 Insurance-C.A. Car insurance rates can be based on a person’s history of insurance coverage (“persistency discounts”)

  • Allows Insurance Companies to offer discounts to drivers who can prove were continuously covered by any licensed auto insurance company over the previous five years.
  • Under current California law, insurance companies can only offer them to existing customers meaning that you are penalized if you have been covered and just want to switch companies…
  • There is no apparent reasoning to oppose this initiative.  It gives consumers more choices by being able to carry their insurance history discounts with them. 
NO Prop 34 Death penalty-C.A. “End the Death Penalty”

  • I call this the Every Time Jerry Brown is Governor Initiative!
  • Replaces the death penalty for future convictions of first degree murder and for all of the 726 convicts currently on death row with “Life Without the Possibility of Parole”
  • Requires all inmates to work in the prison and the proceeds go to the victims if there are victim claims outstanding.
  • Creates a $100 million fund to be distributed to law enforcement agencies to help solve more homicide and rape cases.  No idea where the money is supposed to come from other than so-called reductions in appeals by those scheduled for executions.  Why rape cases since they are not capital offenses is not stated. 
  • Personally I don’t trust this initiative to solve any problems nor provide any tangible benefits to the victims or taxpayers.  The California Penal system is systemically flawed and needs to be overhauled but with reason and compassion for victims…
Yes Prop 35 Law enforcement-C.A. Prohibition on Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery

  • Not sure how many people you could find in support of Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery!  Most of these I’ll bet you thought were already in place!
  • Increase prison terms for human traffickers.
  • Require convicted sex traffickers to register as sex offenders.
  • Require all registered sex offenders to disclose their internet accounts.
  • Require criminal fines from convicted human traffickers to pay for services to help victims.
  • Mandate law enforcement training on human trafficking.
NO Prop 36 Law enforcement-C.A. Repeal of the “Three Strikes” Law

  • AKA, the ACLU special!
  • Revise the three strikes law to impose life sentence only when the new felony conviction is “serious or violent”.  This would allow downward plea bargains to take the place of imposing the 3 strikes law.
  • Authorize re-sentencing for offenders currently serving life sentences if their third strike conviction was not serious or violent and if the judge determines that the re-sentence does not pose unreasonable risk to public safety. (Basically Pardon by Initiative)
  • Continue to impose a life sentence penalty if the third strike conviction was for “certain non-serious, non-violent sex or drug offenses or involved firearm possession”.  (This is what I call the stupid offender provision.)
  • Maintain the life sentence penalty for felons with “non-serious, non-violent third strike if prior convictions were for rape, murder, or child molestation.”  (Ya Think!)
NO  Prop 37 Regulations-C.A. Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food

  • Note:  Labeling of Food Products is not the issue with this initiative.  This initiative gives legal standing to anyone who wants to file a lawsuit based on “potential” violations of this labeling constitutional amendment.  In the long run, this will increase food costs and not make one iota of difference in the genetic history of food products.  Practically all food has been genetically engineered through grafting, selective breeding, gene manipulation etc.  This amendment to the constitution is way too vague and not well thought out as to the food cost impacts versus any undefined potential health benefits. 
  • Require labeling on raw or processed food offered for sale to consumers if the food is made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specified ways.
  • Prohibit labeling or advertising such food as “natural.”
  • Exempt from this requirement foods that are “certified organic; unintentionally produced with genetically engineered material; made from animals fed or injected with genetically engineered material but not genetically engineered themselves; processed with or containing only small amounts of genetically engineered ingredients; administered for treatment of medical conditions; sold for immediate consumption such as in a restaurant; or alcoholic beverages.”
 NO Prop 38 Taxes-C.A. Molly Munger’s State Income Tax Increase

  • Increase state income tax rates for most Californians, resulting in increased revenues to the state of about $10 billion a year.
  • The state income tax increase would end after 12 years, unless voters reauthorize it.
  • Earmark most of the new revenue of $10 billion for public school districts and early childhood development programs.
  • This is worse than Jerry Brown’s increases in Prop 30!  This is stealing from the taxpayers and paying off the California Teachers Association.  They hope one of these two horrendous taxes increases pass…Not No but HELL NO!
 NO Prop 39 Taxes-C.A. Income Tax Increase for Multistate Businesses

  • It spends up to $22 million on a new bureaucracy and special interest commission
  • Adds another Billion $ tax increase on businesses and gives the money to Sacramento to spend…
  • Another “Green” Prop 32 like initiative that dedicates $550 million annually for five years from the initiative’s anticipated increase in revenue in order to fund projects that “create energy efficiency and clean energy jobs” in California.
  • This is just another tax increase on businesses when we have 2,000,000 Californians out of work and a $16B+ deficit.  It is time to cut taxes and grow the private sector, not the State Government…
 YES Prop 40 Redistricting-Veto Referendum on the State Senate Redistricting Plan

  • This is an odd proposition as it actually Vetoes the Senate’s redistricting plan
  • A “yes” vote on this veto referendum is a vote to maintain intact the work of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission
  • A “no” vote is a vote to overturn the commission’s lines.
  • Note:  There are no supporters left for this proposition.  Originally the California Republican Party, yes we actually have one, opposed the Senate’s Redistricting Plan.  Since July, they have withdrawn their objections

C.A.:  California Constitutional Amendment;  Law:  Creates a State Statute;  Veto:  Veto referendum to nullify an action by the California Legislature/Governor


3 thoughts on “2012 California Initiatives/Propositions–Voting Recommendations”

  1. First, I appreciate your hard work and passion for our country. I have looked at a number of your pages; thought you had many very thoughtful comments. Especially appreciated your page on Elizabeth Emkin. : )

    SUGGESTION-Please re-consider your position on Prop 31. As with many propositions, there are some good and bad components. RESOURCES: I’m including a number of conservative sources for your consideration. First you’ll see a list of some of the conservatives who are OPPOSING Prop 31. Second, I’ve included some articles which I found helpful on this proposition.

    The Following Recommend a “NO” Vote on Prop 31:
    Congressman Tom McClintock; Craig Huey/ElectionForum.org; Steve Frank/CA Political News & Views; Christian Citizenship Council; California Republican Assembly (CRA); Lewis Uhler/Nat’l Tax Limitation Committee; and Robyn Nordell

    Prop 31: The Devil Is In The Details, by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, FlashReport, 8/23/12,

    California’s Prop. 31: The Revolution Will Not Be Publicized, By Stanley Kurtz, National Review Online, 9/10/12
    Comments by Stephen Frank on 09/23/2012 •

    Beware Prop. 31: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, by Katy Grimes http://www.flashreport.org/blog/2012/09/24/beware-prop-31-a-wolf-in-sheeps-clothing/

    Again, thanks for all of your good work.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to assess the 2012 California ballot initiatives. Your blog was the fourth entry returned in a Google search for “2012 california initiative recommendations”. Keep up the good work!

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