Should Akin Quit the Senate Race in Missouri Over “Rape” Comment?

     Republican and Conservative bigwigs, bloggers, and talk show hosts are clamoring for Todd Akin to resign following his statement on “rape”.  When responding to the tried and true left question regarding whether abortion is justified in the case of a rape, Akin ineloquently opined:  “First of all, from what I understand from doctors (pregnancy from rape) is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” 

     The phrase, “legitimate rape” was immediately jumped on as well as the point that a woman’s body would shut down and prevent the pregnancy from coming to fruition on its own.  Obviously any serious person who had the opportunity to think through this phraseology would certainly have at the very least rephrase this position.  That is not the point here.  What I am questioning is the knee jerk response of Republican and Conservative bigwigs, bloggers, and talk show hosts condemning Akin and calling for the immediate termination of his candidacy.

How about we step back and consider the situation in the context of what is at stake in this Election and the need for a conservative takeover of the Senate and the removal of Harry Reid as the Senate Majority Leader.

  1. The Democrat opponent, Claire McCaskill, is one of Obama’s staunchest supporters and who has voted on whatever Obama has proposed.  She is a progressive ideologue and is diametrically opposed to the founding principles of our democratic republic as defined by our Constitution.  She must be defeated at all cost and we must take back the Senate.
  2. There are only 78 days left until the November 6th election.  What is the best strategy for Conservatives to Defeat Claire McCaskill?  Stay with Akin or run an alternative candidate?
  3. Today, (before the “rape” comments) Akin had a RCP 5 point lead over McCaskill.
  4. Before Akin won the Republican Primary, Akin and his opponent Sarah Steelman both polled better than McCaskill.

So, what is the best decision that Akin could make for this country?

  1. Can Akin back his sincere apology with a solid case to the Missouri voters and convince them to elect him over McCaskill?
  2. If there is no chance of Missourians to look beyond one sentence out of his entire career, then Akin would do the nation a disservice by staying in and eventually lose to McCaskill.

     Unfortunately, due to a knee jerk reaction by Republican and Conservative bigwigs, bloggers, and talk show hosts, Akin will probably be forced to quit his campaign.  GOP campaign chairman, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, has already told Akin that the party is pulling all of their financial support from him.  So much for standing by your man or women during a crisis!  Republican insiders are pressing for John Ashcroft, Jim Talent, and Kit Bond to be possible replacements for Akin!  Did any of them run in the primaries?  NOPE. 

     Once again, some Republican insiders trying to take the election away from the Missouri voters and plug-in their own candidate versus allowing former primary candidates, especially the next highest vote getter to Akin, to be the Republican candidate.  If Akin decides to step down, Sarah Steelman should be allowed pick up the ball and run with it.  RINOs should eat crow and ask Sarah Palin, who endorsed Steelman over Akin, to come to Missouri immediately and help to defeat McCaskill!

Unfortunately, these very important decisions have to be made within the next couple of days. 

  1. Akin has until 5:00PM tomorrow to withdraw from the race. 
  2. He can withdraw after tomorrow with a court order but that would take even more time.
  3. Assuming that Akin withdraws, the Republican Party would have to name an alternate candidate.

I am not supporting the phraseology that Akin chose in his comments but there is one thing for certain, Democrats would have either said absolutely nothing against Akin or circled the wagons in his defense.  Republicans are like the proverbial Italian Firing Squad who form a circle around the condemned person and shoot, killing not only the condemned person but each other in the crossfire.  If RINOs would spend as much time condemning Obama as they do their own candidates, we may actually have a chance of keeping this country from following Rome into our early demise…

RD Pierini


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