Obama’s Attempt to Rob the Military of their November Votes in Ohio!

     On Tuesday of this week, in what was even shocking for the Left Wing Obama Administration, was its lawsuit against the State of Ohio for the State allowing the military and their families serving overseas to cast their absentee votes 3 days later than other State voters voting absentee!  3 Whole Days!  Non Military have to have their absentee ballots in by the Friday before the Election while the law allows the Military and their families to send in their ballots by the Monday before the Tuesday election.  Obama’s cronies in court argued that the concession to our Military and their families serving overseas was “arbitrary” and that giving our Men and Women Protecting our Very Existence did not have any “discernible rational basis“.  So, if you are in the military protecting this nation and sent out by Obama, Obama does not feel you deserve a 3 day benefit over other Ohio voters who are comfortably sitting at home filing absentee ballots!  What a Commander-in-Chief.  Just makes a red-blooded American Proud!

     Why did Obama file this lawsuit?  Simple, his own soldiers are more likely to vote for Romney than Obama as they did in 2008 when McCain received 55% of the military vote and Obama 45% of the vote nationally!  Also, being actual patriots and not a group of political hacks, the military tends to have a higher turnout than the rest of the citizenry.  Who better to judge a Commander-In-Chief and his foreign policy than his own subordinates! 

     Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine stated: “I can’t believe that the Obama campaign, the state Democratic Party are actually saying there’s no rational basis for a distinction between someone who is in the military voting, and somebody not in the military.  Our whole history in this country, we’ve made a distinction between the two, recognizing the difficulties, and the unique situation that people in the military are in.”  Not much you can argue with there!

     As always, Obama puts himself ahead of his citizens and this time his citizen military.  This is precisely why he is a faux leader who is more beholden to his hard left Progressivism than the good of this country.  November 4th, 2008, will go down in history as one of the saddest election days in US history.  The nation did elect the first Black President but unfortunately that person ended up being a tried and true Marxist to his core.  Unfortunately the selection of Barak Hussein Obama as the first Black President will make the election of the next Black President difficult indeed, and that is not racism, it is fact!  Trust once lost is not easily regained!

RD Pierini

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