Obama, Stupid Is as Stupid Does–Is He Really Stupid or Just a Socialist?

     You know in baseball, when a guy who went through high school hitting ,200, gets into the Major Leagues then his .300 for ten, years, he is really a .300 hitter!  The same is true for Obama.  He keeps doing “stupid” things for 4 straight years to drive the economy and our national security into the toilet, so is he just Stupid or a Socialist!  I truly believe that Obama is a died in the wool socialist who knows exactly what he is doing by killing our economy, our private sector, and realigning the world AGAINST our own national interest.

    What bugs me the most is the republicans/RINOs and most conservative media types, keep making excuses that Obama is just not experienced and he does not understand the levers of this economy and is naive on foreign policy!  This makes me even more furious at these people who should both know better than I am at Obama.  The Republican pundits should have the guts to stand up to Obama and call a spade a spade.  Obama is no different from a rattle snake who coils up and bites anyone passing by.  The Snake is acting out of self-preservation instincts and Obama is acting out of his core Socialist beliefs.

     Obama’s Actions:

  • Creating a Socialist One World Government: 
    • Put in place a self-perpetuating budget while he controlled Congress that had $1T+ deficit spending built-in.  This budget can only be changed when the Senate passes a budget.  This will only happen when Obama and Reid or both gone.  The goal is to drive up our deficits, pass money through to his allies in the unions, and drive our economy into bankruptcy so we are lowered to the level of the rest of the world.
    • Put in place a national healthcare system that is the framework for total control over the individual.  The IRS will not have direct access to your bank account with debit capabilities.  This will eliminate any choice you have as the Supreme Court has now said that Obamacare set up the precedent that the government can force you to do anything as long as it penalizes you via a tax.  Now the IRS can merely pluck the cash out of your bank account if you don’t do something the government wants you to do like buy a Chevy Volt or buy solar panels from Solindra at twice the price.
    • The 15 member board deciding everything related to healthcare can decide who gets coverage and who does not;  What kind of care will be available to which groups; they can dictate beyond the Constitution as evidenced by the recent forced coverage for abortifacients, abortions and sterilization; they can set the budget for Medicare and Medicaid and CONGRESS CANNOT OVERRIDE their “recommendations”. 
    • Has Nationalized 2/3 of the domestic auto makers; put such stringent controls on the Banking system that banks won’t lend to the private sector but will only buy US Securities in order to avoid the government from deeming them insolvent.  The final step will be a nationalization of the Banking Industry which is around the corner after he is re-elected.  The Fed and the Treasury are merely waiting until the constraints of a re-election are not longer a hindrance.
    • Has eliminated energy development on Federal and State lands and is working on using the EPA and Department of Interior to stop domestic production on private lands.  The goal being to bleed this country dry of the very fuel needed to drive your private sector economy and weaken this nation so it is on par with the rest of the world.
    • Freddy and Fannie are bankrupt and Obama and Bernanke will nationalize these two entities and own virtually all of the conforming mortgages across the US.  He has already Nationalized the Student Loan program and look what great shape that is in.  The goal will be to control your mortgage so you are at his mercy just to stay in your home.  Oh, but he will be a benevolent dictator, just trust him with 4 more years.
    • Then on the international scene, he is aiding and abetting Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Libya, Syria, Egypt and ultimately others in the Middle East with the final goal to be the destruction of Israel.  You don’t think so?  Well, the radical arm of the Palestinian Government is Hamas.  Hamas is a MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD offshoot!  Now that the MB controls Egypt and Palestine, what is to stop another Arab-Israeli war from breaking out!  Nothing!  Obama and the global socialist want the entire world to be held hostage in terms of oil supply and only Islamic Radicals, Russia and fellow socialists in South America and the far east would control the world energy.  This will certainly flatten the world into a nice one world socialist haven.

So, when you hear your favor TV anchor or talk show host or author making excuses for Obama’s ignorance, stand up and tell them they are dead wrong.  Obama is a socialist and is intent on giving our nation for the good of the world at our expense.  Wake Up, there is only 100 days or so to freedom or complete domination.

RD Pierini


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