Condi for VP? Why?

     I breathed a sigh of relief when Condi said on Hannity a couple of weeks ago that she had no intention to seek or be the VP.  So, how did she end up on the top of Romney’s list and what are some of the possible ramifications?

Ignores Conservative Base:  Romney once again failed to understand that the conservative wing of the Republican Party is still NOT enthused about his candidacy.  Conservatives were hoping that Rubio or another true conservative would be selected to balance Romney’s centrist leanings.  Condi’s semi-pro-choice stance will not endear her and Romney the Christian Conservatives.  Condi is not perceived as a conservative and just slightly less liberal than Colin Powell. 

Keeps “Hate Bush” Alive:  Condi is definitely tied to the Bush Administration serving both as the head of the National Security Agency and then took over as Secretary of State.  The left and Obama will hog tie her to Bush and market this as a continuation of Bush policies. 

Black Vote:  Condi probably will not help Romney make any kind of dent in Obama’s popularity in the African-American community.  The pundits will never use the terms Black or African-American anywhere near the name Condoleezza Rice.  In short, she could end up being a net negative in the Black community.  Romney started a great dialog with the Black community at the NAACP convention yesterday.  Maybe she can carry this message forward especially those Romney made on education and the dire need for choice in education for Blacks.

Hispanic Vote:  There is no doubt that Rubio could have made a dent in Obama’s lead in the Hispanic community.  Condi will not have much impact with this group.


     The trial balloon of Condi for VP feels like it came from the same Republican insiders who supported Romney over every other Republican candidates in the primary.  This decision appears to be one more that the conservative base will have to swallow in order to defeat Obama.  Those of us in that camp will still vote for Romney over Obama any day of the week.  The key question will be whether Condi is a street fighter politician that can fend off the media and the Obama machine who will painted her as an “Auntie Tom”.  She was not particularly strong during her tenure in the Bush Administration.  She is extremely bright and is an excellent analyst.  Not sure she has the management skill or temperament for the VP job?  We will see…

RD Pierini

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