Thanks Obama–From Dr Shakil Afridi–Serving 33 Years in a Pakistani Jail for Helping Us Kill Bin Laden


Dr Shakil Afridi-An American Tragedy
Dr Shakil Afridi-An American Tragedy

   I’ll bet foreign nationals all over the world are lining up to help our CIA protect US interests after seeing us walk away from Dr. Shakil Afridi who has been in prison for months now and is being tortured for his role in helping us find and kill Bin Laden.  And wow, did Hillary Clinton go to the mat for our ally the good doctor.  She said that “she regretted Dr Afridi’s conviction and the severity of his sentence”.  Boy that ought to make the Pakistani regime quake in their sandals!  Obama even invited President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan earlier this year to meet with him at the White House.  Bet this wasn’t on the agenda!  Obama could not even get Zardari to reopen the supply lines at this meeting and in fact Pakistan raised the ante and demanded 30 times more blackmail fees for allowing us to use their roads to supply our troops in North Eastern Afghanistan!  And, the best part is that we give these barbarians over $2Billion per year!  BRILLIANT!  What statesmen and women we have in this Administration.

     Maybe there is something in Obamacare that will help this poor soul other than an international version of an Obama Death Panel.  I wonder if, as part of the torture of Dr. Afridi, they showed him the video clip by Tom Hanks of Obama single handedly taking out Bin Laden.  I’ll be that eased his pain!  While the commander-in-chief struts around the campaign circuit, we have a valuable ally rotting away in a prison that is not too sympathetic to US supporters, to say the least.  You would think that someone on the left would join with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in trying to secure the rapid release of Dr. Afridi.  I guess Dr. Afridi is just another casualty of this administration just like Border Agent Brian Terry.  Has the US really sank to this depth of moral political depravity?

     Obama was right when he declared the war on terror over.  There cannot be a war when one side gives up and walks away from the fight in defeat!

RD Pierini





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