Michelle Obama-OK to Discuss Politics from the Pulpit!

Keep the STATE Out of My RELIGION

I’ll bet Eric Holder and IRS Commissioner, Douglas H. Shulman, would be at your Catholic Church in a heartbeat if a priest was publicized as criticizing Obamacare from the pulpit.  Other Christian Churches would suffer the same fate if they spoke out against abortion or gay marriage.  Their tax exempt status would quickly come under scrutiny as well as whether Holder and the DOJ felt you were trampling on someone’s civil rights.  So far, both Obama’s have only made these kinds of comments while they were in predominantly Blank churches with the latest blast from Michelle coming from the African Methodist Episcopal Church’s 49th general conference in Nashville, Tennessee. 

     Michelle Touting Religion, Politics and Morals:  I guess for someone professing to be Christian, Michelle’s comments mixing morality and politics are a bit curious.  She said:  “There is no better place than church to talk about political issues because they are ultimately moral issues”.  Too bad she did not go into detail regarding what she would consider her moral compass; the Bible?; Natural Law?; the Torah?; the Quran?; or Sol Alinski’s Rules for Radicals?  When Catholics and other faiths object to her Husbands demands that they violate their MORAL CODE and give in to pharmaceutical and mechanical abortion and sterilization, obviously the Catholics are somehow morally misguided.  There are 1.2 Billion Catholics world-wide, yielding the Roman Catholic Church 17% of the world’s population.  How big of an ego must one have, and her husband, to deny the moral rights of 1.2 billion world citizens.  In the US, there are 74,115,001 Catholics out of a total population of 310,688,000 people.  This means that the moral values of 24% of Americans disagree to some degree with the Obama’s view of Morality when it comes to the right to life issues. 

Since Obama only received 69,456,897 votes in 2008, he may want to be a little careful in

potentially  ticking off 74+ million Catholic Voters!  Do the math!

     It is interesting how Progressives like the Obama’s will use any lever or form of deceit possible to justify their existence.  Race, religion class, economic position or whatever is fair game with these Progressives.  Any Means Justifies the End, their reelection!  I don’t recommend that Christian, Muslim and Jewish Churches, Mosques, or Synagogues try to sway voters from inside of the Church during devotional times. 

     There are two standards at play in this country now that it has been taken over by forces that are not beholden or hold allegiance to the US Constitution or the Rule of Law.  There is nothing stopping Churches from holding public protest gatherings or even publishing position documents for their faithful.  It is not worth having to use Church funds to fend off Federal lawsuits or IRS probes so we can discuss political moral positions in Church.  There is nothing prohibitive from discussing your Church’s position on Abortion, Birth Control, Sterilization, Gay Marriage and other like topics from the pulpit as a matter of Church Doctrine.  But refrain from pinpointing individual candidates or political parties.  Your faithful will get the picture.

RD Pierini

Hat Tip:  http://cnsnews.com/news/article/michelle-obama-there-no-place-better-church-talk-about-political-issues



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