Healthcare and Common Sense–Get the Government Out of My Doctor’s Office

The Left has virtually convinced most Americans that our Healthcare System is broken and only they have the solution.  Hold the Phone!  The Government is the one who broke the system to the extent it is broken!  How?  That can wait for a bit.  How about we get back to the basics and return Healthcare to us and our healthcare providers?

Bend Over-Here comes Harry!
Bend Over-Here Comes Harry!

Let set some ground rules:

  1. Guiding Principle 1:  Healthcare is a private sector industry and not a government program.
  2. Guiding Principle 2:  Our bodies are our own business and not that of the government.
  3. Guiding Principle 3:  Health insurance is only an option and not the only option for obtaining healthcare.
  4. Guiding Principle 4:  Doctors and their patients are a relationship and not subject to interference by the government or insurance companies.
  5. Guiding Principle 5:  Healthcare is not a right.  It is a service provided by healthcare professionals and purchased by individual free citizens.
  6. Guiding Principal 6:  Government is incapable of managing anything, especially something as complex as healthcare.  Fix the post office and stay away from my doctor!

The Golden Rule:  Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics and other healthcare providers are businesses who seek to provide services to patients, who contract directly with the providers and pay them directly.

Role of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration):  If the FDA wants to mandate how a drug or medical procedure appliance comes to market, the FDA is solely responsible for any liability resulting from the FDA certifying a drug or medical procedure or appliance.

New Rule #1:  All healthcare costs paid by individuals or by their employers are 100% deductible off of their tax returns, no exceptions, not limits, not percentage of AGI, no nothing!  This includes aspirin or a quadruple bypass!  This also includes fees to gyms, chiropractor, and other types of alternative providers.  Let’s see how committed the government is to healthcare!

New Rule #2:  Posting of “Rates” by healthcare providers would not be mandated by the government but recommended to healthcare providers by their customers, the patients;  their rates for all services would be available online or on a menu a patient can see in the office.  Their should be two cost columns, one for cash payment and one for insured or deferred payment options.  Just like Home Depot!

New Rule #3:  Healthcare insurance pays the patient, not the doctor or other healthcare provider!  The patient contracts with the doctor or healthcare provider.  Then either pays them out-of-pocket or from reimbursement from their insurance coverage.

New Rule #4:  Citizens can buy whatever kind of healthcare insurance they want, wherever they want to buy it from.  There would be no State boundaries or even national boundaries.  If Lloyd’s of London wanted to write your healthcare insurance, go get them!

  • Insurance companies would offer tiered programs to individuals, groups or companies.
  • Coverages would be menu driven;  If you have kids living at home under 26 or 50, you could cover them and pay for it;  if you wanted prescription coverage, you could select that from a menu;  if you wanted pregnancy coverage, you could choose that off of a menu;  if you have children, you could select child coverage options.  The point is that each and every one of us is different and we all have differing needs.
  • Insurance companies could provide basic, preventative, major medical or merely umbrella coverage for claims over $XXX.  The individual has the option of chosing.  As do employers.  They can provide $XXX reimbursement to their employees so the employees can go out and purchase their own insurance or put the money in  TAX FREE healthcare savings account. 
  • The customer would challenge insurance companies to provide coverages and plans they want!

New Rule #5:  The government does not set Medicare or Medicaid Reimbursement rates, the rates are set by the market as a whole a usual and customary fees.  The government cannot meddle in how medical care providers perform their own internal cost accounting as long as they adhere to Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).  (Medicare and Medicaid should also be changed to a reimbursement model versus act as an insurance company dealing directly with the doctors and healthcare organizations.)

New Rule #6:  Mal-Practice Insurance claims should be limited to $500,000 per individual claim.  No Class Action lawsuits should be allowed.  Lawyers fees should not exceed 10% of the paid settlement including expenses. 

 New Rule #7:  Healthcare providers WOULD NEVER BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE FREE SERVICES TO ANYONE.  If the government wants healthcare providers to service anyone who walks in, then the government creates a program that is transparent that reimburses emergency rooms, doctors, ambulance services etc. for these costs..

New Rule #8:  Pharmaceutical, Medical Appliance and other external healthcare service providers will not be required to provide free product or services without full reimbursement by the government.  The savings would be passed to healthcare consumers resulting in lower drug, MRI and other healthcare costs.

New Rule #9:  The government cannot mandate any coverage, care, or practice that would violate any religious organization’s faith or beliefs.  EVER!

New Rule #10:  Medicaid costs cannot be passed on to States!  If the federal government wants a Medicaid program, then they have to find a way to pay for it themselves….

What a Concept
What a Concept

How About Pre-Existing Conditions?:  If WE THE PEOPLE believe that it would be a good thing to subsidize those with high risk/cost pre-existing conditions, diabetes, cancer, MS etc., then the government could set up a transparent reimbursement program whereby we the people make reimbursement funds available to these individuals to pay for their healthcare needs.

How about Kids under 26:  First fix the economy so they can get a job and pay for their own healthcare!  But, if you have a kid under 26 and want to cover them, that would be a menu option for you.  It is your kid, not mine.  Pay for him or her yourself!

How about Geriatric Care:  This will be coverage separately.  But, both Medicare and Medicaid would be a reimbursement model managed under private care options. 

Fraud for Government Reimbursed Programs:  The program reimbursements and administration would be outsourced to American Express, Visa, and MasterCard and made paperless!  This would save $250 Billion a Year in Medicare fraud alone.

The End Game:  The result would be a totally changed healthcare landscape.  If you need an allergy shot, you could go to a supermarket or mass market pharmacy and get the shot for $5.00.  Companies like Wal-Mart pioneered the $4.00 presecription and are ready and willing to crate out-patient primary care facilities to provide high quality low-cost health care.  Prescription drugs would be much lower in cost due to lower liability and more streamlined drug certification processes.  We could also allow for individuals to join drug trials if they are at risk of dying prior to the end of the drug trials.  Getting government out of healthcare will be like trying to remove a cancer from our own bodies.  Government will not go away easily nor painlessly.  Government decisions are being made by a group who have access to their own Congressional Pharmacy and clinic 24-7 at no cost to them.  So why should they care about your healthcare!  They don’t.  Your healthcare is an avenue to this Gestapo regulating your entire life.  It is time to rid our corporate body of this cancer…

Start thinking for yourself regarding healthcare.  Some of us still remember the days when no one really had much if any health insurance.  Back then we paid $.25 for an allergy shot!  You hear politicians constantly rail against private industry as being a monopoly of healthcare yada, yada yada!  Then these same politicians create the largest healthcare monopoly ever, ran by them!

Election 2012 is Critical…

RD Pierini




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