Radicals in the LGBT-You Want to be Treated as Normal? Act Like It!

     Last week, in a very poor vetting of White House Guest for a Obama reception for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) members, some in the group took pictures of themselves flipping off Ronald Reagan’s picture and then later were quoted as saying “F…. Reagan”.  The main culprits were Matthew Hart and Zoe Strauss who posted their pictures on social media sites.  The irreverent activities were criticized by Log Cabin Republicans who represent the gay community within the Republican Party. Christian Berle, deputy executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans, said:  “It is unfortunate that the image conservative America is seeing today of LGBT people is of gay leftists misbehaving at the White House, rather than the millions of patriotic, decent LGBT citizens, many of whom, like Log Cabin Republicans, hold President Ronald Reagan in high esteem,”

    The reason for the animosity against Reagan is based on an unfounded view that Reagan despised gays and was responsible for withholding funding for AIDS research.  The truth is that Reagan knew and supported many in the gay community in the entertainment industry including a lifelong friend, Rock Hudson, who died of AIDS. 

     Remembering back to 1983 when the AIDS was first recognized, there was much confusion about the disease, how it was transmitted, or not, and what to do about it.  The biggest problem early on was that AIDS suppressed the natural immune system causing illness and death by other diseases that the individuals contracted due to a weakened immune system.  There were no documented AIDS symptoms per se .  In 1982 NO ONE knew what to even call AIDS.  Some international health organizations and our CDC still linked the disease to its initial occurrence in gay men, and a letter in The Lancet it was called the  “gay compromise syndrome”. Other researchers called it GRID (gay-related immune deficiency), AID (acquired immunodeficiency disease), “gay cancer” or “community-acquired immune dysfunction”.  It was not until March of 1983 when the CDC issued the following statement regarding AIDS: 

 “Persons who may be considered at increased risk of AIDS include those with symptoms and signs suggestive of AIDS; sexual partners of AIDS patients; sexually active homosexual or bisexual men with multiple partners; Haitian entrants to the United States; present or past abusers of IV drugs; patients with haemophilia; and sexual partners of individuals at increased risk for AIDS.”

     In 1983, no one still knew what to do about AIDS, how to treat it, or what they were even looking for.  Reagan responded to requests for funding in 1983 with a $44 Million dollar budget that grew to $2.3 Billion by the end of his term!  Many researchers have documented that even if they had doubled that budget, it would not have helped to come up with a “cure” for this deadly disease. 

     So when radical LGBT activists pop off without the facts or hold tight to facts that are myths, they only damage their own cause.  “Straights” see this behavior as abhorant and will in fact hold this against the cause.  This extends to Gay Pride activities that display overtly sexual behavior.  “Straights” would disapprove of any public act of overtly sexual behavior whether it was a straight or gay couple or group displaying such behavior.  WHAT PEOPLE DO IN THEIR OWN PRIVATE SETTING IS THEIR OWN BUSINESS AND WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT OR HAVE IT SHOVED IN OUR FACE, WHETHER GAY OR STRAIGHT”.  If people believe, as a matter of faith or upbringing, that a certain lifestyle is contrary to their beliefs, that is THEIR RIGHT as it is yours to believe that your lifestyle is acceptible.  Freedom swings both ways.

     According the recent studies by UC California, Los Angeles, the gay population is about 1.7% of the US population or 4 million individuals.  transgenders comprise about 0.3% of the population or 700,000 individuals.  At best, this means that there are 98.3% of the population, or 308 million individuals that are “Straight”.  You are asking this group to “accept” your agenda but maybe you should be seeing what you can do to fit in to society as a whole.  You are not different from any other population group who have assimilated into society.  You have no more rights than any other American.  Your rights do not supersede the rights of any other American.  You do not have the right to change laws to the detriment of existing Religious Organizations who may not believe your lifestyle is “Godly”, just as they would an adulterous relationship.

How about reaching out to the 98.3% and write and support a Constitutional Amendment whereby civil marriages/unions are permitted for gays but no church would ever be forced to marry a gay couple or administer its sacraments to gay couples.  This would give you the marriage/civil union recognition you seek while protecting the rights of others.  Would that be enough? 

RD Pierini


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