Pelosi is an Idiot! Fast and Furious is the Obamaway!

Fallen Agent Brian Terry
Fallen Agent Brian Terry

     I finally figured out that Brian Terry’s parents and the rest of us are to blame Eric Holder’s moving towards being held in contempt of Congress!  We are responsible for Obama having to invoke “Executive Privilege” in order to hide the truth from all of us!  All of us, represented by Darrel Issa, are just trying to make sure Holder and Obama can enforce our voter laws by insuring that dead people can’t vote, non citizens can’t vote, felons can’t vote, and citizens can only vote once!  Oh wait,  Holder and Obama are on the other side of these voting issues!  Obama and Holder are suing State’s who are trying to clean up their voting rolls and States that are trying to adopt laws requiring photo Ids in order to vote! 

     Pelosi today actually had the guts to say:  “They’re going after Eric Holder because he is supporting measures to overturn these voter suppression initiatives in the states.  This is no accident, it is no coincidence. It is a plan on the part of Republicans.”  And this woman was two heartbeats away from being President when she was the Speaker!  Nancy, how about just telling us how on earth an Administration could sell fully automatic weapons to known drug cartel terrorist and allow one of our own Border Agents be murdered along with 200 innocent Mexican Nationals.  It is that simple.  Forget Bush.  Forget Republicans playing politics.  This is on you, you own it, now own up to it!

    This administration and Pelosi are an embarrassment to the United States around the world.  On the one hand they pander to illegals in this country in a naked attempt to woo the Hispanic voters all the while they aid and abet the murdering of 200 Mexican Nationals.  This goes so far beyond politics that it is insulting for the Democrat Progressives to feign outrage that Republicans would play politics with this issue.  Really!  You had 18 months to come clean and only kept kicking the can down the street until now you are getting close to the election and you are in a state of panic. 

     If this is the best leadership the Democrat Progressives have, then they need to leave office quietly or we need to show them all the door in November…

RD Pierini

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One thought on “Pelosi is an Idiot! Fast and Furious is the Obamaway!”

  1. If we do not show them all out in November…it will be the last chapter of US History. The country will not be able to sustain four more years of regime.

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