Happy Birthday to Our U.S. Constitution – June 21, 1788

Happy Birthday U.S. Constitution
Happy Birthday U.S. Constitution
U.S. Constitution
U.S. Constitution


Every American should be flying their flags today and celebrating the U.S. Constitution’s 224th Birthday.  224 years ago, New Hampshire approved the adoption of this document and was the 9th state to do so thus causing the U.S. Constitution to be in effect.  Obama celebrated this historic event by ……..?  OOPS, his handlers must have forgotten to tell him about the Constitution’s Birthday!  Congress celebrated this historic event by ……..?  OOPS, Boehner and Reed’s staff must have forgotten to tell him about the Constitution’s Birthday!  Oh well.  It is only our founding document and the framework that would catapult the United States into the position of Leader of the Free World. 

     The sad part of this day is that after 224 years we have allowed the Progressives and Liberals to bastardize this great document by legislating the expansion of the central government at the expense of the States and their citizens; and by packing the courts with non Constitutional Conservatives who have twisted and contorted rulings and legislated from the bench at the expense of State’s rights and the liberties of the citizenry.  Now, we are facing true tyranny with an administration that has no respect for the rule of law and does not feel that it is bound by the U.S. Constitution, or by duly adopted legislation by the Congress, or by Court orders limiting this administration’s free wheeling strong-arm tactics in reducing the liberties of our people. 

     We have the opportunity to begin to overturn this tyranny this November.  If Obama is returned to office, there will be literally nothing left of the U.S. Constitution as he will spiral this country into the deep abyss of socialism and negate all of the checks and balances in our precious Constitution.  But defeating Obama is not the only task.  We MUST retain control of the House of Representatives and attempt to obtain a 60 seat majority in the Senate.  WE cannot afford gridlock with Reed remaining in Control of the Senate.  We must begin now to turn our national ship around and return it to a true Constitutional Republic.  It will take strong-willed Constitutional Conservatives in both houses of Congresses as Romney is not innately conservative.  He will have to be led to greatness and we must tell the Bush Family to Stand Down!  We cannot afford their versions of “compassionate conservatism”.  Conservatism is compassionate by enforcing natural law and providing freedom to all to achieve all they can and be all they can be. 

     It is up to us to take back our Nation. 

Happy Birthday to the U.S. Constitution


RD Pierini


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