Madonna’s Sleeze Factor Makes Parents Thank God For Taylor Swift

 First Madonna had to bare her nipple in Turkey, next she had to drop her drawers and bare her backside in Rome!  Hope her tour doesn’t have many more stops!  This is a classic example of someone who is spiraling downward in her career and trying to make up for a lack of class and talent by engaging in moral turpitude.  She is still written about as the Queen of Pop!  Really?  Is this someone parents and grandparents want their daughters and granddaughters emulating?

    Contrast Madonna with Taylor Swift.  Swift understands her role as an example to the younger generations who seek out singers, actors, and athletes as role models.  Yes, it is not Madonna’s duty to raise the next generations but we have to deal with her degradation of common decency and lack of class.  I truly admired her portrayal of Evita Peron in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita.  She truly starred in this musical and her performance was a true cross over from Pop. 

    One can only hope that Taylor Swift and others in the spotlight can continue to set a positive example for our preteens, teens, and adults who enjoy her performances and follow her career and life.  They have a lot of poor role models to try to make up for…

RD Pierini

Hat Tip:  TMZ:


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