Is Syria or Mexico a Bigger Human Rights Issue? Or in the US Strategic Interest?

Where is our Great President For the Latino Peoples?   Mexico is the US Version of Darfur!

     We are being flooded with videos, stories and pictures of Syrian violence and the atrocities by the Bashir Al-Assad Regime in Syria.  Women and Children are being executed by the dictator in Syria and the media are outraged and clamoring for the US to intervene.  We even paid for that UN thief , Kofi Anan to go to Syria and demand that Bashir Al-Assad stop murdering his citizens.  But we do not know the Syrian “Resistance” groups are for sure that Al-Assad is attacking but reports have linked the resistance to Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood! 


     In Mexico, drug cartels ARE the Mexican Government and are executing anyone standing in their way ranging from women, children, enemies, local and foreign correspondents, local and federal police, and OUR OWN LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL.  Beheadings are the preferred agent of death by the cartels when they need to send a message!   Mexico shares a 1,969 mile border with the US bordering the States of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  This border features the highest volume of crossings in the world with an estimated 350,000,000 crossing per year, illegal and legal.

Who has the highest death toll, Syria or Mexico?

Syrian Deaths in the Past 18 Months10,000 according to Reuters and AP.

Mexican Deaths in Mexico from January 2011 to September 2011, 9 months: 12,903   (Over 17,000 for the Year and 47,500 over the past 5 years and escalating) accord to the Mexican Government and the BBC and other sources.

     Why aren’t Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsay Graham and other blowhards in our government screaming about the biggest single threat to stability in the Americas?  Maybe it is another “INCONVENIENT TRUTH’ THAT THE ANSWER IS TOO TOUGH AND NO ONE WANTS TO APPEAR TO BE ANTI-MEXICAN DURING AN ELECTION CYCLE.”  How about we show some compassion at home and help our neighbors to the south retake their nation by throwing out their corrupt government who is being ran by the drug cartels?  Oh I forgot, Felipe Calderon is a Leftist Crony of Obama!

Where are the US Strategic Interests, Syria or Mexico?

     Mexico:  As we said above, we share almost 2,000 miles of border with Mexico.  In 2010, it was estimated that 32,000,000 persons of Mexican decent were US citizens.  Persons of Mexican descent make up 66% of all of those in the US categorized as “Hispanic” (a term made up by Richard Nixon)  In 2010, the US purchased over 12% of its total petroleum needs from Mexico (25% from Canada).  The Mexican culture is an integral part of the melded American culture especially in our southern States.  We ostensibly have great diplomatic, cultural and social relations with Mexico and she has been a supporter of our War on Terror since 911.  Along with Canada, Mexico should be our sister nations but often we treat both of them as step children…

     Syria:   We share no borders with Syria and New York City is 5,600 miles from Damascus, Syria!  There are approximately 150,000 Syrian-Americans comprising about 12% of our Arab population.  Given the small size of the US Syrian population, there has been minimal impact on US culture by their presence here.  The US has had “marginal” relations with Syria since we appoint our first consul to Syria in 1835.  Syria was granted nation status is 1946 and we officially recognized Syria at that time.  Since then, our relationship has proceeded steadily downhill despite improvements by the Nixon and Bush 1 administrations.  Since 911 and our War with Iraq, our relations have deteriorated and we have placed Syria on our list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.  We have never established much of a true working relationship with either Hafez al-Assad or his son, the current dictator of Syria, Bashir Al-Assad.  Syria is strategically aligned with Iran, Russia, and China with the latter two consistently protecting Syria in the UN against any Security Council actions against Syria.  Iran partners with Syria in fomenting turmoil throughout the Middle East and Africa using their surrogates Hezbollah, Hamas and other such organizations.  We import NO Petroleum products from Syria and engage in virtually no trade with this nation.  We have no vested economic or strategic interest in Syria especially now that we have abandoned many of our long-term allies in the region save for Israel. 

     Iran and Syria:  One could make the case that the US should take over Syria militarily and get rid of the Al-Assad regime once and for all if for no other reason than to stop Syria from aiding Iran in its Global terror schemes.  BUT, that would suppose that we have a strategy for the region and specifically for Iran.  We aren’t even sure whether we have the guts to take out Iranian Nuclear sites let alone begin a regime change in Syria.  With China, Russia and Iran strongly allied and supporting Syria, our decision to invade Syria better be thoughtfully approached.  Last week, Russia’s leader Putin would not even take the call from Obama to discuss Syria!  Do we really think that the human rights issues in Syria are to the point of chancing a regional if not global conflict when those violations are HALF of those in MEXICO and we have now abandoned most of our military capabilities in Iraq that could have been used against Syria.  Further, Obama and Panetta are moving many of our sea assets from the Middle east to the Far East.  I guess they fear an invasion of the US by Australia!

     Time to Help Mexico to help Ourselves:  There is a crying need from both sides of our border with Mexico to engage with Mexico and fix the drug problem and move Mexico into the 21st century.  Secondarily, we should rethink our relationships with our neighbors to the north as well as the south.  I do not advocate a European type of NorthAmeriZone but we should aggressively move to better integrate our combined power in the global community. 

     Helping Mexico begins with creating a sane immigration policy with both Mexico and Canada.  Guest worker programs should allow a regulated flow of citizens between our borders and provide for a more stable socio-economic environment in each country.  For expatiates in either of the three countries, we should come up with a way to allow for cross insuring the expatriates regardless of the country they are in and to stop overburdening one country or the other with disparate social support systems.  NO, THIS DOES NOT MEAN OBAMACARE FOR ALL or that the US foots the bill for everyone.  What it means is that if a Mexican or Canadian is in the US, their healthcare from their home country is honored in the US.  The same is for any combination of nationals in another of the 3 countries.  If a national from the US in in Canada, and that citizen is unemployed, then he or she could only receive benefits from their resident State in the US.  If the individual does not have health coverage or cannot pay for the services in another country, then the home country would reimburse the host country.  This goes for all services rendered by the host country for expatriates from any of the 3 nations.  

     The Plan:  Accomplishing this will not be a simple task. 

  1. First of all the US would have to gain the trust of Mexican Citizens.  
  2. The next step would be to encourage, not pick, candidate to run for Mexican Federal and State offices that support the following:
    1. An alliance to recognize that the war on drugs is a North American problem and that the 3 countries would work together to shut down the cartels and disallow the flow of drugs northward.
    2. An Alliance that would support trilateral border control policies, procedures, and methodology to coordinate immigration and eliminate illicit traffic across borders.
    3.  An alliance between the 3 countries that would provide for an integrated immigration policy and a coordinated guest worker and visa program.
    4. An economic alliance that would allow for the three nations to form a free trade zone and replace the current NAFTA agreements. 
    5. An alliance to develop energy exploration, delivery and refining across borders.  The three nations together have as large a reserve as the Middle East. 
    6. An alliance that would allow for limited military and law enforcement support across borders where the host country maintained tactical control but cross border resources could be deployed and coordinated.
    7. An alliance to share technical and developmental resources across borders.  This could be accomplished purely by the private sector by providing statutory guarantees that any investments by companies or individuals in one of the other two countries would be safe from nationalization from the benefitting country. 

    This process would take a few generations to fully implement and would not be without its own problems, false starts, and disputes.  The bottom line is that if the 3 countries can find just 2,500 people to run for office, commit to these goals, and have the perseverance to stick to their principles, this can be accomplished.  The drug cartels won’t go down quietly nor will the users in the US and Canada.  Violence will spiral upwards before it is under control, but what are the other options?  Politicians will want to cave to unions who do not want foreign labor entering “their” markets, too bad.  Politicians will want to control the economic developments during this process and that would be the kiss of death.  Politicians should only provide for the legal framework to allow for private investment to do the heavy lifting and the politicians need to get out-of-the-way and don’t dabble in more crony socialism.  Politicians need to figure out how to allow for cross border healthcare coverage without trying to control the content of the healthcare.  This is possible in a selfless world.  Are we up for the challenge? 

     Just think, energy could flow from Canada to the southern tip of Mexico unfettered and eliminate the need for foreign oil, and eliminate the threats to our respective economies and freedoms from dictators who dominate the energy outside of our collective borders.  We could all have as much economical and ecologically sound energy as our economies required, while eliminating the uncertainty of supply from dictators around the world.  We would also stop sending them money to kill us with!

    Societal integration should not be painful at all.  Today, Mexican immigrants make up the majority of the 51 million Hispanics in the US.  75% of these are located in 8 States and have integrated to a very large degree in the communities where they reside.  Spanish is considered the 2nd language in many of our communities today.  Integrating Canada would also be painless.  The origins of the US and Canada were practically parallel with the exception of the French influence on Canada, especially in the Province of Quebec.  Canada today is bilingual, English and French, so integrating the Canadian society would be virtually seemless.

    So back to our original question, Why are we considering going into Syria, our enemy now and for the foreseeable future, and not looking to help out our neighbor to the South, Mexico, in cooperation with our neighbor to the North, Canada?  Beats me.  The Russians, Chinese and Iranians created what Syria is today and have the moral responsibility to clean up their mess.  One phone call from Putin to Al-Assad would stop any violence coming out of the regime.  That would not stop Al-Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood from causing problems in Syria but that is an Islamic Internal Issue!  Having Satan, (the US) intervening into Syria would be as well received as our current presence in the Middle East.  If Syria retains Bashir Al-Assad as president or brings in an Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Fundamentalist regime, like is being installed in Egypt, the US does not gain nor lose anything at all.  They still hate us and we have not gained anything.  We have to stop thinking that it is in our strategic best interest to have everyone like us.  The don’t and they won’t.  So we need to stop this nonsense and accept that the world is less than perfect be we are less than perfect.

     How about taking a few minutes and think about a 3 nation alliance between Mexico, the US and Canada.  In the midst of all of the other nonsense you are hearing, reading and watching, this at least could have a happy ending…

RD Pierini


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