US-$16 Trillion in Debt-But By Gosh Our Government is Going to Nail Roger Clemens!

     After the Senate, who has not passed a budget in over 3 years, spent millions grilling Roger Clemens and other baseball players for supposedly using steroids, now, Eric Holder, Fast and Furious and the Anti Voter ID Attorney General, is in the midst of his second trial of Roger Clemens for “lying to Congress” when Clemens claimed he did not use steroids.  Holder spent over $5,000,000 for the first trial only to have it declared a mistrial.  Is this the biggest issue facing this nation?  Is it even in the top 1,000?  I doubt it.

     The jury in this trial should vote to acquit on principle.  The first principle being that lying to a Senate witch-hunt committee should be a badge of courage rather than a crime.  These guys in the Senate lie to the American People every second of every day.  Second principal, this is baseball, not the economy, not the waste, fraud and abuse of government by the government, not a national security problem, not a religious freedom problem, and not the homeless problem.  This is BASEBALL

     You have to be absolutely stupid to think that athletes, AND THE OWNERS, don’t push the envelope when it comes to training techniques, diet, and anything that can give them a competitive edge.  You can’t tell me the owners of the Giants did not notice that once season Barry Bonds looked like everyone else then the next year he shows up looking like the Michelin Tire Guy!  Or the Fans.  You think the Fans don’t like to see 450+ foot home runs which are not normally humanly possible as a matter of everyday play?  Or Clemens playing well when he approached retirement age?

Message to the Senate:  Do your job.  Pass a budget and stop interfering in sports and let sports manage themselves.  This includes the upcoming investigations into concussions in football.  Does anyone really think the US Senate has absolutely anything positive to add to the safety of football?  I can only image the uniform they would design would approximate the suit worn by Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man and the Avengers!

Message to Eric Holder:  Do your job.  Turn over the documents to the House on Fast and Furious.  Quit trying to block voter id laws when 53,000 dead people in Florida voted in that last election.  Quit suing the States and start supporting their efforts to enforce laws that YOU are getting paid to enforce.  Quit legislating by not prosecuting duly authorized laws of the United States like DOMA.  Or, RESIGN and do us all a favor. 

     This prosecution of Roger Clemens and others is just insane.  Let his fans and the fans of baseball at large judge him.  Ask Pete Rose if his gambling hurt is otherwise stellar career.  We don’t need a bunch of pompous asses in the Senate dictating what our sports should and should not be.

RD Pierini

Hat Tip:  CNS News:




One thought on “US-$16 Trillion in Debt-But By Gosh Our Government is Going to Nail Roger Clemens!”

  1. Distraction, distraction, distraction, because they don’t have any real solutions to offer for the real problems that affect us all.

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