News Flash-Obama Lied About Abortions being Part of Obamacare! Surprised?

Obamacare Mandates Taxpayer Paid Abortions-Period!


Obama's Lies
Obama’s Lies


     Seems like the US Council of Catholic Bishops are the only truthful source on finding out what is in Obamacare.  Unfortunately, the Media has ignored the Church’s 43 law suits as well as any truth-telling when it comes to Obama.  Now, it seems that the USCCB is the only source on whether Obamacare dictates taxpayer paid abortions, and it does!  The USCCB recently published their “Backgrounder:  the New Federal Regulation on Coerced Abortion Payments” (  In this well researched document, the USCCB asserts that the taxpayer will be forced to pay for other people’s abortions two ways under Obamacare:

“(1) Through their tax dollars all taxpayers will be forced to subsidize overall health plans that cover elective abortions, contrary to the policy of the Hyde amendment and every other major federal program, and

(2) Many of these Americans will also be forced to pay directly for other people’s abortions. Some will say this is technically not “tax funding of abortions,” because the required surcharge will be a premium payment rather than a tax payment as such. But what the payment is called is less important than what it actually does.”

Before the pro-choice crowd starts chanting that some healthcare plans currently pay for abortions, the USCCB carefully points out:

“While many private health plans now cover abortions, then, what is new about the Affordable Care Act is this:

  • These plans will receive federal tax subsidies;
  • The federal government will explicitly forbid the insurer to:
    (a) allow any enrollee to opt out of the abortion coverage on conscience grounds;
    (b) give enrollees an explicit warning as to what they are buying;
    (c) tell enrollees how much of their money will go toward other people’s abortions.”

     Is this what Obama said when he and Pelosi were stumping for Obamacare?  Absolutely not.  On September 9th, 2009, in an address to a Joint Session of Congress, our Prevaricator-in Chief flatly stated: 

“And one more misunderstanding I want to clear up—under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”

Once again, this President, looked Congress and the American People in the Eye and Lied to their faces.  Once again, he is putting his ideology above the US Constitution in negating religious objections to abortions and taxpayer paid abortions. 

     People who think that Obamacare is about healthcare are sadly mistaken.  It is about abridging the rights of American Citizens by forcing them to buy a government service and to rewrite many of the first 10 Amendments/Bill of Rights to the US Constitution, especially the Freedom of Religion from Government Tyranny and States Rights.

IF you cannot trust the voracity of your President, nor take any legal actions to remove him from office,

you are in the throes of Tyranny. 

RD Pierini

USCCB Backrounder on Obamacare and Abortion:

CNS News Coverage:

Life News:


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