Obama Admin and Pelosi Ramp Up Freedom of Religion War with Catholics and other Christians

It is too bad that Freedom of Religion is Considered by LGBT Community

as Anti-Gay rather than Pro Freedom of Religion   

     Those who believe in the Constitution and especially the First Amendment regarding the Freedom of Religion, should be incensed at the Obama Administration, its Secretary of Health and Human Services, Katherine Sebelius, and of course Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader and faux Catholic.  By using Gay Marriage, that is opposed by most Christian, Muslim, and Jewish denominations, and Obamacare Mandates on “Contraception/Abortifacients” that are vehemently opposed by the Catholic Church and Many other Christian Churches, Obama and Pelosi are clearly drawing lines in the sand to challenge the First Amendment to the US Constitution.   The first Amendment simply states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
This point of this article is not to condone or oppose Gay Marriage but to point out that while trying to protect certain citizens unsubstantiated “rights” (not recognized by a duly authorized law passed by Congress and signed by the President)  to participate in marriage that is not between one man and one women, the Religious Freedom Protections under the First Amendment must be eliminated and Churches placed under the subjugation of the Federal Government.  The Left will use Gay Marriage as a means to further attack and destroy Freedom of Religion.
     The Obama administration is developing a two-pronged approach at PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF of religion by using the Gay Marriage and the “Contraception/Abortion” issue in the Obamacare mandates.
Gay Marriage Issue-Two Prong Attack:
  1. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Until Death do you Part: 
    1. Once DADT was put in place in the military, the next goal of the Administration was to allow for Gay Marriages to take place within the military.  What this means is that the Administration, through its military infrastructure, will begin to force Chaplins who have religious objections to Gay Marriage to perform the Sacrament of Marriage for Gay Couples.  If a Chaplin refuses, there is the whole Code of Military Justice that could be used to punish the Chaplin.  The military will be used as the microcosm for the larger battle, forcing Churches at Large to have to perform Gay Marriages or suffer the wrath of the Federal Government.  Note:  The House Republicans have inserted language in the current Military Appropriations bill allowing Chaplins to refuse to perform the Sacrament of Marriage for a Gay Couple if their refusal is based on his or her “conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs” or against the religious beliefs of the denomination to which he or she belongs.  Pelosi called this language a “Fraud”, whatever that means and vows to fight it and Obama has threatened the Bill if this provision is not removed.  If they did not intend to force Chaplin to violate his or her Religious Beliefs then why would they object?  Remember the goal is to “PROHIBIT THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF”.  A clear violation of the First Amendment.
  2. DOMA and Gay Marriage as a Civil Right:
    1. Obama some months back stated that he and the Justice Department will no longer enforce the Defence of Marriage Act known as DOMA.  DOMA is a lawfully passed law signed into being by then President Bill Clinton in 1996.  It is settled law which is something a “Constitutional Student” such as Obama should recognize and RESPECT.  Then, after waited a few months after his DOMA epiphany, Obama then said he has learned the error of his thinking and now supports Gay Marriage.  During that admission he did say that Gay Marriage should be decided by the States.  But, by flushing DOMA down the legal toilet, the Federal mandate in DOMA is no longer being enforced:  Under the law, no U.S. state or political subdivision is required to recognize a same-sex marriage treated as a marriage in another state.  So, if you are legally married in a State that has adopted Gay Marriage, then move to a State that does not recognize Gay Marriage, the latter State will no longer be defended by the Federal Government.  The goal is to set up Gay Marriage as a civil right that will supposedly trump the First Amendment and the Freedom of Religion.  Today, no Catholic Priest can administer the Sacraments to a person he knows for a fact to be divorced without an annulment in the Church or someone who is homosexual.  Once the Federal Government asserts Gay Marriage as a Civil Right, then they will attempt to force Christian and other Churches to perform marriage ceremonies between two men or two women.  If the Church refuses, you can bet the Federal Government will use the Church’s IRS status and any other means to exact retribution.  Remember the goal is to “”PROHIBIT THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF”.  A clear violation of the First Amendment.

Katherine Sebelius’s Continued Attack on Freedom of Religion Via Obamacare:

     For some insane reason, the Georgetown University, that carries with it the designation of a Catholic University, invited Sebelius to speak at the Commencement ceremonies at the University today.  (One can only hope that the Council of Bishops pulls the “Catholic University” designation from Georgetown University)  During her “commencement address”, Sebelius could not help but delve into the politics of Government versus Religion.  (The reader should understand that nothing in this woman’s background gives here any credibility to speak on Constitutionality nor on Theological issues.  BTW, Katherine is also a Faux Catholic like here sister Nancy Pelosi)  Sebelius exhumed John F. Kennedy during her speech by quoting Jack as saying; 

“‘…where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials; and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against us all.”

     Sebelius is trying to twist Kennedy’s quote as saying that the Catholic Church’s opposition to the Obamacare’s Contraception/abortifacient mandates is an effort of the Church to IMPOSE ITS WILL ON THE GENERAL POPULACE.  In fact, the opposite it true.  It is Obama and his Administration that is imposing its mandates on the Church to curtail the Church’s FREE EXERCISE of its religion and its doctrine that have superceded this government by 1800 plus years!  Kennedy was trying to assure is potential voters that the Roman Catholic Church would not dictate his policies if he were president.  What Obama is doing is trampling on the US Constitution, not just the Roman Catholic Church.

Our Fate:     We have seen in too many cultures that have perished that the first institution to be attacked by secular leaders was Religion.  By destroying the moral compass of a society, you create an environment where there are no right or wrong actions or choices.  Only those deemed appropriate by the Government.  The Gay Marriage and the Obamacare Mandates are only tools of the Left to eliminate the spiritual benefits to a Nation of Faith.  Unfortunately, there are gay couples who will be caught in the cross fire of this debate and be harmed as a result.  There will be a deeper polarization of gay versus straight so any rational solutions will not be possible.  The public at large will be damaged as religious institutions, who make up for 40% of the Healthcare Facilities in the US, close their doors because they refuse to renounce their faith to the dictates of the States.  The only “saving grace” I see in all of this is that people of faith are returning to the faith for answers and not to the State.  People of Faith are returning to their Faith Values and leaving behind old alliances of race, ethnicity, or past political affiliation.  One can only Hope and Pray, that Faith triumph over Statism or the US will be just another footnote in history.

RD Pierini

Hat Tips:

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Who is Sebelius?:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kathleen_Sebelius


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