New SuperPac for Romney: “Balls for Romney”

Update 5/22/2012

LA Times Slimes Ann Romney-Mitt, if you won’t stick up for yourself and US, you should at least stick up for your wife!

  Today the LA Times, the Left Coast version of the NY Times, slammed Ann Romney for having a temper after being deposed for 4 hours + then went onto snidely report that Ann Romney owns very expensive horses as her hobby.  The LAT reported, regarding the deposition, “It was a rare moment of pique for Ann Romney, not meant for public consumption, and one that opened a window onto the private world of the would-be first lady.”  So Ann actually has a personality and does not like being grilled by an arrogant, pompous attorney.  So what!  I wish I could hear that same emotion out of Mitt!

  Ann Romney rides horses for physical exercise to help to combat the effects of MS.  Ann and Mitt Romney have made a lot of money ON THEIR OWN and did not need Tony Rezko’s help not did they get free rides to the best universities in this nation!  How the Romney’s spend THEIR OWN MONEY is their business as long as what they buy is not illegal, like Obama’s drugs when he was in college. 

     Mitt.  IF you won’t stand up for yourself or for your supporters against the onslaught of dirt from the left by going after Obama directly and as hard as you can, at least stick up for Ann.  She has stood by you and you need to stand by her!


Obama’s Spiritual Leader is Off Limits?    

     Mitt Romney and John McCain both need to read Sun Tzu’s Art of War.  They may realize that in war there are no rules.  That our enemies, the Progressive Left, have no “rules of engagement”.  No niceties to follow and certainly no Marcus of Queensberry rules to inhibit them.  Anything goes and anything, your wife, your children and anything in your past, real or contrived by them.  When Romney “Repudiated” an ad that had not even been created or ran yet by one of his supporters, Romney failed to engage in war.  Romney lost this battle by allowing our enemies to define to rules of engagement.

     After attacks by the Left on Ann Romney, his children, his faith, and yes, even his high school days, Mitt still thinks that by taking the “high road” he will remain above the fray and appear Presidential.  Instead, he appears weak and unable to engage in battle.  If he can’t stand toe to toe, nose to nose, with Obama and the Left, regardless of Obama’s bi-racial heritage, then how are we to believe Romney will stand up against enemies of this country who threaten our existence.  In fact, Obama, and his radical social and economic agenda, are a direct threat to everything this nation stands for and its existence.  We want a leader who is not afraid of what the media will say about him or her.  A leader who fights with everything at his disposal to win.  In short, someone who will fight for US!

     One can only hope that we do not need to create the Balls for Romney SuperPac and Mitt will grow his own and start standing up for himself and us against this regime.  It does matter who wins and it does NOT necessarily matter how we win.  If we lose, we lose, PERIOD. 

If we lose then this is the result:

  • Obama will appoint radical Leftist to replace Justice Kennedy and perhaps Scalia or Thomas if anything happens to them.  The Court would then be radically left and unstoppable.
  • Obama will force a showdown between the State and Religion and Religion will lose, and by extension, us.
  • Obama will go around an adverse Obamacare decision by the Court somehow by fiat.
  • If Obamacare is not overturned by the court, Obama will create a Single Payer, totally government ran healthcare system and nationalize healthcare.
  • Obamacare will force out religious healthcare facilities and secularize their replacement.
  • Obama will no longer attempt to be energy independent and Obama will pour every dime we can scrape up in taxes for “green energy”.
  • Obama  will demilitarize itself including unilateral nuclear disarmament.
  • Obama  will allow the Middle East and Africa to complete its Islamic Radicalization and create a global force that will challenge the West especially since it will control all of the energy reserves.
  • Obama will continue to nationalize more industries such as oil, banking, investment and other core sectors of the economy.

The list will go on and on. 

So Mitt, when you unilaterally decide to play nice, you jeopardize not only your election but our future.  You should use the same tactics you used against Santorum, Gingrich, Perry and Bachman against Obama.  The stakes are much higher now.  You won the first round.  The next one is for all of the marbles.  YOU OWE IT TO US TO FIGHT WITH EVERYTHING YOU CAN FIND TO USE AGAINST OBAMA.  This is not your election, IT IS OURS.

RD Pierini

Hat Tip


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