Diane Fienstein Versus “Who” for the Californai US Senate Seat

California Republican Party–A Contradiction in Terms

     I looked at all of the candidates for the US Senate against Queen Diane and there is no clear standout.  When Michael Reagan’s “supposed” run fizzled out, there was no one left who could wage any kind of campaign against her.  The California Republican party is dysfunctional and could not raise enough cash for a non fat latte at Starbucks.  After the hatchet jobs by the left in 2010 against Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina there are no conservatives of means left in California that want to go it alone against the Progressive Left Hamburger Grinder.  After all, who would want that stalwart of jurisprudence, Gloria Allred, nipping at your heels! 

     There are links below to all of the Republican candidates websites (where they were provided by the candidate).  If you want, you can look at their websites and see if any of them float your boat.  If not, maybe pick an occupation that you like.  Or, maybe pick the Rabbi or the aerospace engineer.   God knows we do not have any Rocket Scientists in the Senate now and we could certainly use a Man of the Cloth in this den of iniquity!  Sorry to be so pessimistic but I’ll bet Diane does not do more than one debate if that and she won’t spend over $500K.  If she does either, she is not very bright.  We all know she understands money, just ask her husband every time she on the Armed Services Committee awards her hubby with a nice fat defense contract!

     The California Republican Party needs to file moral bankruptcy and fold up its tent.  They have ceded the state to the Left and when we do have a candidate they have no idea how to support them.  I am not sure how they will get 169 Republicans from California to go to the convention.  Maybe they can borrow some “undocumented workers” to fill in the blanks. 

     If anyone in California is building an Arc and needs occupants, please leave a comment on this blog with instructions as to time, place of departure and date of departure.  I really don’t care where you are going.  Even Greece may be an up from California…  At least they make Tsipouro (Greek Grappa)..

Let me be clear, I commend and admire each of the following men and women for their effort to make a change in California and National Politics.  This article in no way is meant to demean their effort or their committment.  I empathize with the lack of Republican Party support they won’t get and the gargantuan task of going it alone against a Progressive Left Institution and Icon like Queen Diane.

RD Pierini


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