Blame Biden for Forcing Obama to Embrace Gay Marriage? Where Does the Buck Stop with Obama?


Underlying Threat to Religious Freedom, Again…   

     There is no doubt that Vice President Joe Biden is One Toy Short of a Happy Meal.  But for Obama to have his hacks try to blame Biden for Obama having to come out in support of Gay Marriage “earlier than he had planned”, is dishonest, disingenuous, cowardly and totally political.  The entire “leak” was planned from day one in order to raise campaign cash from LGBT donors and it worked.  There were several of the Hollywood elite that were holding back contributing to Obama until Obama “reluctantly” came out in support of Gay Marriage.  Clooney last night raised $15-$17 Million for Obama at a $40,000 per plate fund-raiser and many of the donors did so based on Obama sneaking out of the closet.

     This entire Democrat charade is part of Obama’s campaign and media plan to change the national conversation away from Obama’s dismal economy and his utter failure to create a growth environment for business and employment


relies in constantly creating Straw Man issues to distract us from focusing on our current Carter-Like Misery Index and focus on non issues such as whether Obama supports Gay Marriage or not.  It really does not matter whether he supports Gay Marriage or not since it will literally take an Act of Congress to create a national policy in support of Gay Marriage.  Obama told the LGBT backers emphatically that this is a State’s Right Issue and by extension, not a civil rights issue but it did not matter to this group.   What is sad is that the LGBT constituents continually fall for Obama’s head fakes and cough up more cash. 

     The other consistent lie put out by Obama and his media is that the American public support for gay marriage is at a 50%-%50 level.  If this is true, then how can 30 states have had referendums or initiatives on their ballots that have supported marriage as between a man and a women and most have been decided by 10% or higher margins.  North Carolina just had a similar vote to define marriage as between a man and a woman and it carried by more than 20%.  Other states have had very similar results, even in California 52.3% of the voters voted to define marriage as between a man and a woman. 

     One of the underlying fears by Christian Groups is that if marriage is defined as other than between a man and a woman, as defined by most Christian Churches, and a Church refuses to marry a non heterosexual couple, that Church could lose its tax exempt status as a means of retaliation by the Federal Government pursuing the case as a civil rights case.  Other punitive measures could expand to the Church’s charities, healthcare services, adoption services, (OOPS already lost this one) and so on.  In short, this issue could be used by our secular government to force Churches to either abandon their core beliefs or lose their standings that they have had since this nation was founded.  Sound far-fetched?  Just think about what is going to happen in August when the Catholic Church refuses to implement the Obamacare mandate on birth control and abortion inducing drugs.  You can bet this Administration will not stand for any rebellion by the Catholic Church.

    So when you hear the Democrat media and their pundits saying the Biden just messed up again forcing their leader to prematurely pronounce his support for Gay Marriage, don’t believe it for a second.  Don’t believe that this is about Gay Marriage either.  It is about eroding the Judeo-Christian heritage of this country and the Christian Churches that have served as the cornerstone and the moral compass for this Nation.  Once the Left can get the public to go along with something being a Civil Right, the game is over.  The government then has the power to control anything and everything connected with the enforcement of this Civil Right.  It is time to stop, and take a step back to consider where we started, where we are, and where we are headed as a nation…before it is too late.

RD Pierini

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